Best Dart board of 2019- A Complete List By Professional Darts Players

Best Dartboards Review 2019- Guide & Reviews 

Who doesn’t love a game of darts? It’s a fun, friendly and competitive game gives you fun & enjoyable moments with friends. You love to play dart but you are kind of tired and sick of going out to the bar only for playing dart when you can easily spend that time to watch one of your favorite show on the television. Even if are on the bar for a reason and trying to play dart you will find many of the drunk is already there for their turn. So here is the time to say, no sir.  To play dart in a more civilized way you should want to buy a dart board for yourself. To buy the best dart board you need a little bit of research and you will find the best one with the little to next effort.

We find Out Some Checklist you may Follow:

Depth and Density: Before buying the dart, please must check the depth and density level of the dart board. The optical density of the bristle board ensures the durable playing surface. This features can’t be provided by the other dartboard.

50% Thinner: the dartboard is another feature which you should check before invest money on this. The wire of the board should be 50% thinner to get the high visibility and the low glare.

Hanging option: After buying a dartboard, you need to hang that board to play, but very few people notice this hanging option. Most of the users want to hang their board on the wall with a hangar, but it is not safe at all. So buy a dart board which has a wall bracket. It is really very much helpful because now if you hanging your board you never need to remove it again to rotate the ring.

Budget: Apart from all of the above-mentioned tips, you have to notice the most important thing that is your budget. If you want a professional dartboard then the price will be professional, but if you will go for the paper dart then also the amount will vary. So, as per your choice of the board, the amount will be up and down. But make sure that your first priority should be the quality then Price.

Now consider what type of dart board do you want?  Do you want a more traditional kind with the bristle dart board, do you want a high-tech electronic dart board or magnetic dart board?

What is bristle dartboard?

Bristle dartboard usually point a time of regular playing in a pub or bar. This kinda dart boards are mainly used for tournaments. These dart boards are for those who are very serious about their dart board experience. The name of the board is kind of misleading. It is not made from bristle but from sisal or sometimes with hemp. It is because sisal usually fixes itself after a dart hits it. That is why it is one of the most used material when creating bristle dartboard.

Bristle dartboard is not for children to play with. Dart that is used in the bristle dart board are steel tipped and the entire body is made of brass or sometimes tungsten. These are a bit dangerous to those who are not that good with the dart.

What is electronic dart board?

The electronic dart board is for new time people. These dartboards do contain many features with them. You will find many styles when it comes to electronic boards. It is a very good choice for seasonal or amateurs.

Compare to the bristle board, the electric dart boards are very light because of its plastic body. The entire body of the board is covered on very little holes. These holes mainly exist because the dart will stick within that whole and send a message to the internal operating system to calculate your hit score.  Most of the time electronic dart board comes with the plastic tipped dart for the reason of safety but not always. With some modal, you will find heavier and steel tipped darts these are for making the game a bit more perfect to its nature in other words genuine.

What is Magnetic Dartboard?

Magnetic dartboard is a dartboard that is constructed with magnetic system. It has all the features that a bristle or electronic board should have.

If you are looking for a perfect dartboard for your man cave you must not worry. It is most likely that you will find a very good fit for yourself within the provide the best dartboard of 2018 reviews. The list is composed of reading various forums and community suggestions and bestseller products in the market. It is a must that you will find one of the best dart board if you choose any of the discussed items from below tell us using the comment section.

List of top 10 Dart boards of 2019

Bristle Dartboards

01. Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard5 Check Price
02. DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard4.8 Check Price
03.Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard4.3 Check Price
04. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board4.3 Check Price
05. Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard4 Check Price

Electronic Dartboards

01. Arachnid Cricket Pro Electronic Dartboard4.2 Check Price
02. Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard4.8 Check Price
03. Darts Connect Online Electronic Dartboard4 Check Price
04. Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard4 Check Price

Magnetic Dartboard

01. Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board4.5 Check Price

Top 5 best bristle/sisal dartboard of 2019

 01. Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard


Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard is again pushing the boundary of the technologies when it comes to the dart boards. With the new wiring system is proving 14% less bounce out rate in the web area compare to its previous version. It is also providing a higher scoring potential with the new wiring as well. This professional bristle dart board is allowing 6mm2 extra scoring area and 9mm2 extra scoring area in the doubles. By reducing the blades by the 30degree to improve the deflation of the dart in the scoring bed.The radial wires are 10% thinner than the previous one.  With the thinnest wiring available you are also getting the UTS (Ultimate Tensile Strength) of the dynamic section wire has been increased by 20% to make sure that the dart point must glide past into the scoring bed. These are not all, you will find this individual pick is a great one for your choice.

Top Feature:

  • Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard has the very vivid color combination which helps you target better.
  • 17.8X17.8X1.5 inches’ product dimension and that is a great dimension for a championship compatible dartboard.
  • This blade 5 bristle dartboard increase high scoring potential big time.
  • Radial wires are 10% thinner compare to the previous version of blade 4 bristle dartboard.
  • Increased dart deflection in the scoring bed that improve the scoring potential.
  • Dynamic sector wires are 20% thinner compare to the previous version of winmau.
  • Optimized Razor wire angle to reduce blades by 30deg which help guild the dart.
  • 14% less wire in web surface area for increasing the scoring area.
  • Enhanced Tensile Strength that makes the dartboard durable.
  • Lower dart bounces out for increasing the scoring chances.
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2. DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard


DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard is sanctioned by the world Dart Federation. It is the official world cup dartboard from back in 1999. This is a board you can easily select if you are looking for an awesome experience while playing dart. This dartboard is modified to reduce the bounce out by introducing a new and effective wiring.DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard is staple free. In the place of wire spider, the bandit has a very powerful interlocking. It also has thin steel band which is thinner than any time before. These band also provide support when it comes to the strengthening of the board. It also has power coated numbers. The best grade sisal fiber is used in the creation of the board.  You will find a perfect weight board within it and you will also have One Year Warranty Against defects which is a plus for sure.

Top Feature:

  • DMI Bandit is the official World Cup dartboard from the year 1999 and it’s also sanctioned by the WDT (World Dart Organization).
  • It is completely staple-free dartboard.
  • It ensures lower dart bounce out rate to help you score high.
  • This staple-free bristle dartboard has High-quality sisal for longevity.
  • 10% more playing surface which increases the chance of scoring big.
  • Self-healing power helps the dartboard to stay new for a good deal of time.
  • It is made in New-Zealand.
  • It introduces a new kind of wiring, interlocking instead of spider wiring.
  • An excellent razor thin spider wiring.
  • Perfectly vivid color along with power coated numbers to help you target better.
  • 1-year guaranty Against defects.
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3. Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard


This is another winner from the Winmau dartboard. It offers 50% thinner dynamic section wiring than the previous blade 3 for higher score potential, provides better average and a galvanized steel wiring. This bristle dartboard spider wiring is made from a high-tensile. The power of the Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard wiring does deflect the dart into the bed of the dartboard and at the same time, it increases the limit of lusting of the board. The innovative triangular shaped wiring is there to deflect the throne dart into the target area. It also decreases the bounce out.

The high-density Kenyan sisal that offers more vivid colors and maximum durability. This highly dense sisal repair itself after dart removal.  The staple-free design which was developed in 1997 by Winmau to decreases the warning amount on the face of the dartboard. It is one of the best picks for any seasonal and regular dart player.

Top Feature:

  • Vivid Colors for better targeting.
  • It is a completely staple-free dart board for better dart experience.
  • It ensures lower bounce out for better high scoring potential.
  • Triangle Shaped Wiring to decrease the amount of dart loss.
  • High-Density Sisal for better dart holding and long lifespan and it also holds the dart better.
  • Galvanized Steel Wiring increase scoring area that helps you to score better in the game.
  • Blade 4 provides 50% Thinner Dynamic Sector Wiring for reducing bounce out.
  • To give this dartboard a maximum longevity it has a perfect High tensile steel wiring.
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4. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board

There is more than a good amount of dartboard out there for the discerning player to choose from but there is only one dartboard out there that is The Eclipse by unicorn and that is because it is chosen for exclusive use for all televised tournaments all around the world by PDC. It is being used for year after year. This is one of the reasons that the engineers of Eclipse are always trying to improve the experience of the Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board.

All the eclipse dart board uses a minimum amount of metal to improve the average score and in the meantime provide better target. The minimum use of metal also ensures the improvement of checkout ratio and decrease the bounce out rate of the dart. The ultra-low bounce environment gives you the advantage of scoring more in the professional sport of dart. In short this will surely be a good choice for your dart board experience.

Top Feature:

  • Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board is completely staple-free dartboard.
  • It has a perfect staple-free bullseye.
  • A very sophisticated yet perfect spider wiring which makes the dartboard higher score friendly.
  • Highly compressed sisal fiber which holds the dart better than previous dartboards and help it last longer.  
  • Vastly increased the scoring area to improve scoring potential.
  • Self-healing dartboard that makes sure of the longevity.
  • Unicorn has a high-quality spider wiring design and it lowers the amount of bounce.
  • Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board is a championship quality dartboard.
  • Lower dart bounces out rate to increase the potential for scoring high.
  • Perfectly vivid colors and top-notch finishing.
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5. Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard


Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard is in the pinnacle of dartboard technology when compared to others. It has two layers of sisal under the exclusive dual-core technology.  While the outermost layer contains lower compression fiber to increase the dart penetrate and limit the dart losing, the innermost contain highly compressed fiber to make it more durable.

The mix of both provides the player the most dart retention, best performance and good durability. The face to the dartboard has very high visibility surface to play on which provide a perfect visitation to boost the scoring potential.  Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard professional bristle dartboard is allowing 6mm2 extra scoring area and 9mm2 extra scoring area in the doubles. There is a 14% reduction in the web surface area compared to the previous version to score higher. You will the feel the advancement of technology in the dartboard.

Top Feature:

  • Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard has world best Dual Core Advantage that provides a great durability along with best performance.
  • Lower lost dart count which increase the chance of scoring big in a game.
  • Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle dartboard provide increased scoring area which is very important when it comes to high scores.
  • It reduces dart bounce out rate, that improve the score count drastically.
  • An improved dart deflection functionality to help guild the dart to the scoring bed for better score.
  • Triple Wheel lock advantage which create a perfect alignment, that improve targeting.
  • 14% reduced web surface area which ensure the best score possible.
  • 20% thinner dynamic section wiring, which is a great leap on wiring.
  • 10% thinner radial wiring which is very helpful.  
  • Vivid color for better target selection.
  • Easy rotation, that ensures the longevity of Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard.
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Top 4 best Electronic dartboard 0f 2019

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro Electronic Dartboard


Here is the second entry for an electronic dartboard, Arachnid Cricket Pro Electronic Dartboard is a perfect one for regular and pro dart player alike. It is a tournament quality electronic dartboard has a regulation of 15.5 incs of the target area. It also a great library to pick a perfect game for you including 7 cricket games.

The classic red, black and yellow color is used which is a trademark for any kind of tournament. The nylon segment provides the most needed lasting and the perfect playing environment. The micro-thin divider is there to reduce the bounce-out rate and it works like magic. It has up to 8 player score display. It also has 4 players jumbo X/O led display to show scores. You will also find unmatched accuracy and a perfect sensor to seal the deal. This not like any of the product out there, it is a product that you will love.

Top Feature:

  • Tournament quality electronic dartboard.
  • 15.5 regulation size target area which enhance the gaming experience.
  • Arachnid Cricket Pro Electronic Dartboard 39 games with 170 variations.
  • Nylon tough segment that improve the durability and playability.
  • Micro thin segment divider which reduces the dart bounce out.
  • Optional 3 level heckler feature for interactive play
  • Arachnid Cricket Pro Electronic Dartboard can hold upto 8 players.
  • It has 4-Player Jumbo X/O LED score display
  • 6 soft tip darts with extra dart tips.
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2. Grand Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard


If you are looking for the traditional design dartboard then Grand Board 2 is an excellent choice. It has the Bluetooth facility which connects the smartphone. To gripe the full control on this board you need to download the app that runs on both Android and iOS devices. For the Cyber play, this one is the best. For the power supply this dartboard needs two AA batteries. On the board you will get two LED lights which indicates it is connected to the Bluetooth or not.

Top Feature:

  • You can frequently update this device.
  • Total 8 persons can play at a time,
  • 26 gaming options are there.
  • LED screen display.
  • Weight of this Dartboard is 8.1 pounds
  • You can easily hang it out anywhere in the wall of your house.
  • Having the Bluetooth controlling, is the smart feature of this device.
  • You can play this game alone; solo mode is available here.
  • Easy installation, cordless, no need to worry of power cutting.
  • Replacement parts are available in the market. Broken part can be replaced easily.
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3. Darts Connect Online Electronic Dartboard


One of the major characteristics of electronic dartboards is the LCD screen. Surprisingly, the Darts connect online electronic dartboard didn’t come with one. The Darts connect dartboard synchronizes with your Android/iOS smartphone using WiFi and that’s where you get your scores and game settings displayed. This is a pretty cool feature lacking in other electronic dartboards.

The Darts connect dartboard supports online gameplay. Several players can compete from any part of the world for a leader spot in the global league table. The built in wide viewing angled camera with video streaming functionality minimizes the risk of cheating during games so you can have more fun and fewer fights and arguments.

Playing your game on the Dart connects dartboard is fun. The large regulation-sized 15.5-inch playing dartboard is made from tournament grade high-quality materials. The dartboard is fully padded to ensure its noise is minimized during gameplay. You can hang it in your living room and enjoy the game with your sons without pissing off your wife and daughters.
If you’re looking for a battery-powered electronic dartboard, the Darts Connect Electronic Dartboard is what you need. It’s powered by either USB or 4 AA batteries.

Top Feature:

  • Battery and electrically powered makes it an ideal travel companion
  • It’s sturdy
  • Connects online for online gameplay
  • Video camera recorder with streaming capability
  • Noise cancellation double layer EVA padding
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4. Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard


Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard is a dartboard which is on the list because it really had to be here, without this one the list might not be complete. It has a regulation size of the 15.5inchs target face. A perfect bright LED display which delivers a perfectly clear view of statistics and scores in that it also eliminates the hazard of keeping the score manually.

There is large strayed dart catch ring that surrounds the target face. It showcases a perfect stylish combination of colors like silver, black and red which increase the enjoyment of the dart playing experience. Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard also includes 6 starter darts and also perfect mounting materials. It is powered by an external adapter and completely remove the use of the battery. The quality of the product is very high. It can accommodate up to 16 players at a time. Most of all you will get a year manufacturer warranty.

Top Feature:

  • Tournament quality electronic dartboard.
  • 15.5 regulation dartboard target face.
  • Exceptionally durable playing surface.
  • Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard has ultra-thin spider which reduces bounce out.
  • Built-in storage can hold 2 sets of the dart.
  • Has 57 games with an extensive library of 307 options.
  • Missing dart catch ring to protect your wall.
  • Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard can hold up to 16 players.
  • 6 soft tip starter dart include the package.
  • LCD display for perfect viewing.
  • Electronic scores keeping eliminate manual scorekeeping.
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1 Best Magnetic Dartboard 0f 2018

1. Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board is the only magnetic dartboard in the list. It’s a great product from Doinkit. This 16 inches’ dart is a perfect one for a magnetic dartboard. It is one best seller among the dart boards. You will be able to enjoy playing dart to its fullest with the magnate safely stored inside. Magnetic dartboards are very useful they prevent the dart from putting a hole in the wall.

It is constructed with care so that It doesn’t kids. For providing the safety this excellent Doinkit Darts Magnetic dart board did not compromise any quality, in fact it features everything that a bristle or electronic dartboard offers. This dartboard comes with the hook attached to its back so you can hang it almost anywhere. You will also get 6 darts included with the dartboard. It improves the coordination along with the sportsmanship. Everything is perfect like Colors, board, target, you will also find that perfect darts for your use.

Top Feature:

  • 16 inches scoring face dartboard.
  • Completely magnetic scoring face.
  • Comes with 6 magnetic Doinkit® Darts
  • 6 magnetic darts which combine 2 sets of color each sets contains 3 darts.
  • Marky Sparky Uses Strong, Balanced Neodymium Magnets For Accurate Dart Performance
  • Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board virtually indestructible.
  • For ages 6 and up.
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Dart Board Brands Comparison: 

There are some popular brands or company of dartboards, which I am going to elaborate here.
Let’s start with the Winmau,


This one is the largest and oldest company which manufactures the popular boards with the finest and world’s best Premium grade Kenyan Sisal. Winmau is the well known broadcasting dart brand in the world and these dartboards are highly demand able. Even the popular channels like BBC and ESPN also use this branded dartboard for their sports or entertainment. This company has been established in 1945 and it is famous for its oldest major championship in world of dart, the name of the tournament is the Winmau World Masters. This brand is approved by the British Dart Organization and it has been used at the Annual Championships held in London.


This one is another popular dartboard company which manufactures some extraordinary dartboard and equipments. Actually it is the rival firm of Winmau Dartboard Company. Nodor, is an oldest brand, making the best bristle dartboards since 1932. Still it is upgrading its features to provide a good scoring potentiality. This company is famous for selling the best bristle dartboards and it is made in UK. Just because of quality and performance the American Dart Organization promotes this NODOR brand. This production has the special feature called the SupaBull bulls-with, along with the extra scoring area.


Arachnid is the inventor and manufacturer of the modern electrical dartboard. The company Arachnid Company was established in 1975 but this company became a brand when Paul F. Beall took the charges and from then it is running with the flow and now it is setting up the tournaments and leagues. This brand has decided to start their own tournament, and they did it in 1986, at Chicago, it was the first BullShooter organised by the Arachnid.


This brand is approved by the World Darts Federation and DMI is one of the best World Cup Dart Board Supplier as well as the toughest competitor of Winmau and Nodor. While making the dartboards this company prefer cutting – edge wiring system which prevent the bounces and helps the player for scoring higher. The dartboard of this company is made up with the best quality sisal fibres and razor thin spider wire.

Viper :

This company manufactures the best staple free bullseye dartboard which is made up with sisal fibre. The demandable dartboard is the Viper Shot King Dartboard which comes with some innovative features. And this brand is famous for making the official tournament size dartboard. The first Viper Open Dart Tournament is held in Wisconsin.

All of these are the top five dartboard brands which manufacture the best dartboards ever. Each and every company has its own tournament or sponsor a specific tournament .

Buying Guide Of Best Dart boards

Dartboard Setup:

Need to plan and evaluate for space: First of all, you need to find an open space which is not inhibited by furniture or any other obstacles. Space needs to be 5 feet wide and 11 feet long. Try to locate your dartboard away from doorways because people need to walk through there all the time. Not only can this be disruptive to the game but it may injure anyone with a stray dart.
You just need space for spectators and players. Space must be there beside the board for a scoreboard so that everyone can easily enjoy the game.

Ensure that the floor is prepared and leveled: Be sure that your floor is leveled. Some houses may slope over time. Do check that your floor is flat and does not slope. Use a dart mat which is helpful for the design of the floor. Make sure that you mark the proper distance from the throw line. Avoid using wood floors.

Decide the place where the dart board should be kept to ensure safety for both players and spectators: The location of dartboard should be safe because when you are playing, it is important to keep the dartboard away from doorways. If it is in between, any person may be injured while walking through the path of the dart. However, if there are any fragile or valuable objects that you think can possibly be damaged, rethink the location where you should set up your game.

Protect your wall with a protective board: It is possible that darts may not hit the board, so to protect the walls; there is need of a board that must save the wall and surrounding area.

For the hanging and marking on the wall, measure the bullseye: Make sure that the center of the bullseye is exactly 5 feet 8 inches high from the floor. The quality board is always hung from the center while it may be seen that others may be hung from the top.
If you don’t have a dart mat, you will need to mark out a throw line using tape or chalk, or a piece of wood or metal.

Place the backing board disc: The backing board disc must be placed at the back center of the board. To fasten the board, most of the dartboards will have 3 other holes in the place. Followed by any other guide holes screw the center hole.

Mount the wall bracket: Always remember to place the wall bracket. The wall bracket should be placed in such a way that the center of the bullseye will be at 5 feet 8 inches from the ground level. It must be placed in U shaped recess facing you.

Place the board slightly higher than the bracket to stabilize the board: Make sure that the disc is attached when you are lining up your dartboard by keeping the 20 scoring area vertical.
Create the throw line: You must make the throw line 3 feet wide and 7 feet 9.25 inches from the face of standard steel tipped to set up or 8 feet from a soft tipped board. Make sure that the throw line is centered and perpendicular to the face of the board.

Once you have got your board in position, you can add the finishing touch that you want to give to the board as by fixing a scoreboard on the wall. The scoreboard should be placed on the wall next to the dartboard. You can now enjoy playing the game at your home.