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Introduce Harley-Davidson Dart Boards

Darts, we all are familiar with this game and perhaps now and then, must have played as well. Though it’s generally labeled as a guy sport and the ideal sports prop for a ‘man’s den’, there are many girls/women who also love playing darts.

Though there are many dart board makers, here we are going to talk about Harley-Davidson dart boards. Yes, the motorcycle makers actually make dart boards as well.

Yes, Harley-Davidson is a brand that is acclaimed for its quality. Over the past few years, they have become a popular choice for dart boards.
Today we are going to talk about three new Harley-Davidson bristle dart boards and an electronic dart board as well. The first on our list is the one that has their trademark as well.

Introduce Harley-Davidson Dart Boards & Darts Equipment:

1- Harley-Davidson Skull Bristle Dart Board:


Key feature:

  • Premium Tournament Quality Dartboard
  • Stylized Skull Design
  • Staple Free Bulls-eye
  • Includes Rules and Hanging Instructions

The Harley-Davidson Skull Bristle Dart Board is designed perfectly to match English quality standards. It is made from the finest African sisal fiber that has a self-healing ability. The board has the Skull designed on the center of the board. The network is built of high tensile steel wires to give the matrix a strong durable power. The bulls-eye has a stable base that acts as a cushion and absorbs the shock, preventing the deaths from bouncing out.  The board has been tested and certified fit for tournaments as well.

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2- Harley-Davidson Sprocket Bristle Dart Board


Key feature:

  • Premium Tournament Quality Bristle Dartboard
  • Stylized Sprocket Design
  • Staple Free Bulls-eye
  • Includes Rules and Hanging Instructions

This Harley-Davidson dart board is also made from millions of African sisal fibers. This fiber has a self-healing ability, hence allows the dart board to last a long time. The dart board gets it’s name from the unparalleled Sprocket design that is beautifully set in the high tensile steel wires. The bulls-eye offers a staple free surface that allows the darts to bounce backwards giving you the edge for scoring high scores. These features make this board an ideal tournament option.

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3- Harley-Davidson Traditional Bristle Dart Board

Key feature:

  • Premium Tournament Quality Bristle Dartboard
  • Traditional Harley-Davidson® Colors
  • Staple Free Bulls-eye
  • Includes Rules and Hanging Instructions

Again Harley-Davidson used the sturdy African sisal fibers to make the traditional Bristle dart board. The board gets its name due to the black and orange colors used which represent the Harley-Davidson’s traditional logo. The high tensile wires network is used that gives a staple surface allowing the darts to bounce. The bounce gives a good score and makes Harley-Davidson dart boards an ideal choice for usage in dart sports.

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4- Harley-Davidson Electronic Dart Board


Key Features:

  • 18 x 24 inches
  • Plays 48 games including 01 and cricket
  • Plays up to 8 players
  • 2 sets of darts with spare tips

Times change so do traditions. Harley-Davidson has always been the initiative type and likes doing things that set them apart from the crowd. Bringing the game of darts a step up is the Harley-Davidson Electronic Dart Board. The dartboard can be used by one or eight players simultaneously and 48 other games, including 01 and cricket. The LCD 4 color score panel gives an easy view standing at the throw line and when you score the lights flash on and off. An intriguing feature is a classic sound the engine makes when you score a bulls-eye and on winning. The battery is long-lasting hence, offers a long entertainment period.  The board comes packed with 6 darts along with tips to play and an AC adapter for charging.

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Now let’s focus on the others Harley Equipment like Harley Davidson Dart Board Cabinet, Harley Davidson Big Pack Darts Carrying Case, and Harley Davidson 61995 Bar and Shield Dartboard Cabinet Kit.

Harley Davidson Dart Board Cabinet: To protect your favorite dartboard you need a cabinet which not only protects the board but also carries all the playing equipment along with the darts and scoreboard. The Harley Davidson dart board is well decorated with the clear western Pinewood and it has been designed for the enthusiastic person like you. Apart from that this cabinet includes the dart holders, score board and the out chart; also it is accommodated with electronics or Bristle dartboards. The dimension of this Davidson Dartboard Cabinet is 20.5W x 2.5D x 20.5H inches.

Harley Davidson Big Pack Darts Carrying Case: To carry your darts equipment here and there Harley made a Big pack Darts Carrying Case which holds a fully assembled set of darts. Along with that it has four pockets for accessories. You can use it as a gift purpose or use it to store your all darts accessories.

Harley Davidson 61995 Bar and Shield Dartboard Cabinet Kit: Now, you don’t need to buy each and every necessary thing of Dartboard one by one, just go for this cabinet kit where you will get all the necessary equipment all together with this kit. The quality of the kit is American Craftsmanship. This kit is imported from the USA and it is 100% a genuine product. This wooden Bar and Shield Dartboard Cabinet Kit’s weight is only 12.2kilograms. The classic Harley Davidson logo you will get on the front doors of the cabinet. This package includes two set of rally darts, a silk-screened out chart, dart holders, a dry erase scoreboard that helps you to eliminate the chalk dust. This package helps you to focus on your game and execute your competition brilliantly. The dimension of this kit is 2 x 25.5 inches.


Harley-Davidson has definitely made its name stand out in the world of dart boards. The dart boards are durable and offer a great recreational time for your men’s day out or just hang it up in your living room and enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

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