Best Dart Board Backing; Protect Your Wall and Furniture

Backboards are meant to provide wall and furniture protection from the strayed dart. You want to make certain this is the one thing that best dartboard backing does. Choosing the right wall protection is crucial if you don’t want to damage your wall or the paint on it.

There are a several different materials when it comes to dartboard surrounds, so it’s worth thinking about the type of material you want. Materials available include MDF, foam, wood and corkboard. However, not only is it about the board but also the covering, as you can get different types of coverage for the dartboard surround too. Think of what type of material you would like, as well as the appearance of the material, to help narrow down the options of the best dartboard backings.

To make a list of the best dartboard backings, we have spent a great deal of time exploring Google and seasoned dart players for the most informative and relevant information.

The list of best dartboard backings

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01. Dart-Stop 36 inch Professional Dart Board Backboard

The dart-stop professional dartboard backboard is a plush ‘no hole’ fabric finish, meaning you won’t see any of the holes from where the darts go. It comes with a mounting bracket, meaning a wobble-free performance when playing. It’s ready to be wall-mounted, with all parts included to help secure it onto the wall. It’s very durable, being 3-4 inches thick with engineered wood backing. It comes in a variety of colours too, perfect for choosing the right style for you.


  • Variety of colours
  • Ready to wall mount
  • Substantial and durable material
  • No hole fabric finish
  • Dimensions- 29 x 29 x 1 inches, weighing 9.5 pounds.


  • Colour options
  • Durable
  • Good size
  • Comes with everything ready to wall mount


    • Doesn’t include darts or dartboard
    • No storage space included
    • Quite expensive.

02. Winmau Dart Board Surround

This dartboard surround is from the brand Winmau, which fits perfectly around the board and protects the wall. It’s made from polyurethane, making it lightweight and robust. It comes in a variety of colours and the surround simply just fits around the board, so no need to mount the surround to the wall.


  • Variety of colours
  • Fits onto the board so no need to mount to the wall


  • Comes in different colours
  • No need to assemble to the wall
  • Lightweight



  • Small area covered so doesn’t provide much wall protection
  • Not the best material for a dart board surround

03. Viper by GLD Products Defender III

This backboard accommodates both 17.75 inch and 18-inch bristle dartboards. It provides large protection against the wall, measuring 8.2 square feet, and comes with 1-inch-thick foam, providing high density. It comes with a velvet covering, making the appearance much nicer but only coming in one color. However, due to the velvet covering, it helps to minimize signs of wear and play. It also comes with easy to assemble compression fittings that require no additional bracing, mounting hardware or tools, so you have everything you need included. A key feature with this backboard is the reversible surround that is designed for long-lasting protection. You know you will get your money’s worth with this product.


  • Reversible surround
  • Large dimension so provides a large protection
  • Nice velvet surface
  • No tools needed to fit


  • Long-lasting performance
  • Suitable for 2 standard-sized dartboards
  • Velvet covering meaning it minimizes wear
  • Easy to assemble


    • No colour options
    • Covers a large space so may be too big.

04. Cork Dart Board Backer

This cork dartboard backer protects both the darts and the wall, from any damage. It’s a great option as it’s renewable and environmentally friendly, due it the cork material. The large surface protects the wall and darts as it prevents bouncing, the darts nestle well into the cork surrounding.


  • Renewable and environmentally friendly
  • Good material for nestling the darts
  • Dimensions- 36 x 24 x 0.5 inches


    • Protects the darts and wall from damage
    • Large surface area providing more protection
    • Darts nestle well into the cork material, preventing any bouncing back
    • Renewable and environmentally friendly
    • Good price



      • No colour options
      • No mounting hardware included.

05.Viper EVA V-Foam Dartboard Surround Wall Protector, Black

This dartboard surround gives a protective barrier around the dartboard, to prevent any damage, marks and punctures. This backboard supports both bristle fibre sisal and electronic dartboards. It is constructed with high-density V-Foam, which helps absorb the darts and prevents bounce back. Comes with a hanging bracket, so it’s quick and easy to mount to the wall.


  • V-Foam absorbs darts making it safer and protects the walls and surroundings better
  • Hanging bracket already attached
  • Matte finish provides long-lasting protection
  • Dimensions- 28” x 28”


  • Material absorbs darts well making it safer
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Easy to mount to the wall


  • No colour options
  • No additional extras such as darts or storage
  • Small backboard so wouldn’t be suitable for large wall protection.

06. Viper Defender III

This one comes with everything you need, for the ultimate dartboard experience. The foam wall defender protects the wall and also helps to absorb the darts, to prevent any bounce backs. This bundle includes the dartboard, surround, darts and standing line, making it the perfect package to start your darting experience. It’s great value for money and is also durable, lasting a long time.


  • Bundle includes dartboard, surround, darts and standing line, everything you need to start off.
  • Foam wall that absorbs the darts and makes it durable
  • Everything you need to get started


  • Comes with everything you need to get started
  • Safe and durable material
  • Excellent value for money


  • No colour options
  • Can be quite expensive and comes with everything, so not ideal if you’re just wanting the surround.

How to choose the best dart board backing

These are just a few of the key factors and essentials to consider when it comes to purchasing a dart board backing. By considering and deciding on these points beforehand, it makes it much easier to narrow it down and choose the dartboard surround, that is perfect for you. One thing to do is also read the reviews on any you are considering, as this makes it easier to understand what other people think about it and whether it is worth the money or whether it’s one to avoid.


 With wall protection, you need to consider what size you need it to cover. How big is the space where your dartboard is placed and how much wall space may potentially be damaged? Also, have a think about how likely it is that the dart players will cause damage to the wall. By considering these things, you will get a better idea of the size you need for your wall protection, just make sure it’s always enough.


This is another important factor to consider when it comes to your dartboard surround, as you want to make sure you like the appearance of it and that it also suits the room or area that it is in. This is all completely down to personal preference, as it’s about how you want it to look. One thing to also consider is coverings, which can be purchased for your dartboard surround, this can make it look a bit better. So, have a think about what room it is going in, the aesthetic of the room, how you want it to look and also, which ones you like the appearance of the most.


Have a think about how easy the dartboard surround is to mount onto the wall. If you’re not the best at DIY, then you want something that is simple and easy to put onto the wall, ensuring it is on safely. On the other hand, if you’re good at DIY and feel confident with it, you can maybe opt for a different dartboard surround, that may be harder to mount onto the wall. It’s not just about putting it on the wall too, you need to consider any rattling, movement and noise that might come from it when throwing a dart. If it’s not mounted correctly, then you may find it rattles a lot. If you think this may be too much hard work to try and perfect, opt for an easier dartboard surround, that is easy to mount.


Finally, the last key factor to consider when purchasing a dartboard backing is the price you’re willing to pay. The best thing to do is set yourself a budget before looking at them, and make sure you eliminate any that go over this budget. As there are so many of the best dartboard backings, it can be hard to choose which is best for you. By setting a price, it helps to get rid of a few, that may be over budget.


Have a think and read reviews upon the performance of the dartboard surround. Have a look into the best dart boarding backings and how well they perform, if it keeps the darts within, does it wobble when the darts land on it etc. There are many things to consider in terms of its performance but it’s important to consider, as you want to make sure you’re getting the best dartboard backing, suitable for you. The quality is important when it comes to a dartboard surround, as you want to make sure you’re investing your money into something good and ensure it won’t soon break on you. Have a look at the different backings materials and coverings and which provides the best quality. Also, when looking at the dartboard backings, read up on reviews on the quality of the product, how long it lasts and how well it works overall.


Are there any extras you want to be included with your dartboard surround? You may want a scoreboard, for it to include darts, a closing backing or even a space to store your darts? There are plenty of optional extras you can get included with a dartboard surround, so have a think about any of the little extras you might like or find useful, so you can look out for those key features. A great one to consider is whether you want one with closing doors, so you can hide the dartboard when it’s not being used. These often also come with darts and storage space for the darts.

We hope this buying guide for the best dart board backing has been useful and helped to make it easier, for you, when deciding which dart board backing to choose.