Protect & Care Your Darts: 10 Best Dart Cases

The case of a dart needs to fully serve two objectives. The first is to safeguard the darts as well as to be convenient to manage. The second one must look fashionable because it is going to be taken everywhere. Often it’s challenging to fulfil these specifications, but several of the companies are making things great.

A dart cover helps one to easily place the darts and many other items thus keeping it clean, safe and protected. Darts do not grow on trees though, so you’d probably like the best-secured case. 

But the problem is there are several cases on the marketplace, and that you need to choose something solid, accurate, and off course looks .

In this post, we have mentioned the best 10 dart cases available in the market. They’re all unique in size, ability, and designs, so we think you’re going to discover one which meets your needs if you’re a newcomer with about one kit or a professional dart with a range.

01. Casemaster Legion Aluminium Dart Case 

Double buckles help one to use a Legion dart cover much like a brief one. The buckle is high strength and locks the case securely sealed. Only flip it up to open the cover and showing off your set of darts.

The choice of keeping four collections of darts with the Legion is perfect for regular play. Simply turn your existing dart package from the Legion dart case to change your design of tossing, handle, and gadgets to improve your performance. The structure of the carry case avoids harm and cracking of the exterior walls of the Legion. Keeping all your darts and attachments protected and free from damage.

The case comes with Dusk-Black and lustrous Silver shades contrast gorgeously with this classic dart box. Interior fabrics are elegantly designed for last years usage. Pockets are meant to keep objects securely in position.

The features of Case master Legion Aluminium Dart Case are:

  • Its dual-buckle locking system is the best.
  • The storage strategy is very will manage to offer maximum capacity.
  • The construction is super rigid and portable.
  • The casing comes with embossed shades with textures.
  • The interior of the case is built with strong durable material.

02. Casemaster Classic Nylon Dart Carrying Case 

The Elite Jr. Casemaster Dart Cell provides 8 ways of holding a darts which requires everything. It’s also fitted with 6 dart positions, 6 slots, and 2 attachments for dart tips and blades. The Casemaster is designed as a very optimized way to offer portability and durability. The secure zipper style case ensures a tight-packed hold of darts for better stability and remains safe until the end of the game.

The choice of keeping four collections of darts with the Legion is perfect for regular play. Simply turn your existing dart package from the Legion dart case to change your design of tossing, handle, and gadgets to improve your performance. 

The robust interlock Casemaster zip mechanism leaves the zipper securely running for upcoming years. Sturdy scratch-resistant nylon is suitable for transportation, storage, and longevity.

The best features of the Casemaster Classic Nylon Dart Carrying Case are:

  • The capacity of the dart case is very well managed.
  • The product is super durable and portable.
  • The storage strategy is well organised for maximum utilisation.
  • High-quality zipper with strong interlocking
  • The material is fully scratch proof.03.

03. Viper Casemaster Classic 12 Dart Case

The case is built with robust nylon material to keep the humidity out. This will accommodate 4 full sets of darts, plus extra 15 pockets for dart parts, 5 holding tubes for attachments and silicone padded extensions.

It’s not tiny, so you’ll have better use of the gripping handle that is built after the super expensive briefcase models, and the nylon webbing that offers outstanding protection throughout traveling. The internal structure allows the casing to sustain its strength and not to twist.

The actual quality is reported by consumers as very great, particularly the durable outdoor fabrics and the strong zippers that function properly. If you drop a whole case on the ground, the items will maintain its position and not either of them will be tangled up.

The maker gives a nominal 90-day guarantee; however, most buyers believe the fabrics and aesthetics tend to last for years. Much of the questions are concerning the adhesive that protects the blades. It doesn’t keep all too well the slender shafts. Any extra stuffing might be needed.

The features of Viper Casemaster Classic 12 Dart Nylon Storage/Travel Case are:

  • The nylon built case offers a robust structure and feel.
  • The straps offer the best grip
  • The outer fabric is very smooth and provides great usability.
  • It also comes with 90 days genuine replacement brand warranty.

04. Casemaster Ternion 9 Dart Aluminum Storage/Travel Case

This glamorously engraved silver bag is just like a Swiss Army knife as it provides 34 locking options. It is fitted with 9 pockets, 6 folds, 3 mini tubes, 2 extension pipes, and 1 wide flap. It contains 3 full sets of darts, 6 slots for additional flights and screwdriver; 3 small pockets for additional blades or soft points; 1 plastic bag with additional pointers or other accessories; 1 wide adapter pack.

Sadly, they weren’t willing to locate a spot for your puppy. The rigid aluminum cover with a buckle lock mechanism seals the interior of the gear. The lightweight silicone dart attachments can maintain a good hold on both thin and large arrows.

The measurement of the product is 9 x 8 x 4 inch and the mass is 1.3 pounds. The company is giving a fixed-guarantee of Ninety days. Users claim that the flight sleeves may not keep them securely sufficiently and that it is often challenging to attach or extract larger darts from the silicone adapters.

Some of the best features of Casemaster Ternion 9 Dart Aluminum Storage/Travel Case are:

  • It provides users with a luxurious look and feel
  • Huge storage capacity.
  • Aluminum built buckle locking mechanism.
  • The dimension is so well managed which can handle larger darts too.

05. Casemaster Pro 9 Dart Leatherette Storage/Travel Case

Some of the good aspects of this situation are the dark faux leather outside. It’s got a rough case and a shell underneath that covers the darts. The package zippers unfold on three sides, like some kind of textbook for quick accessibility, and the double snap loops allow everyone using the Pro Dart case the same as a suitcase.

The darts holds a good and tight grasp on the silicone covers because there’s plenty of storage for attachments. The gripping design is designed like a suitcase and the nylon straps offer great protection throughout traveling. The size of the case is 10 x 7 x 2 inch and the mass is 1.35 pounds. The maker shall provide a minimum guarantee of Ninety days.

Some of the best features of Casemaster Pro 9 Dart Leatherette Storage/Travel Case are:

  • The case comes with a rigid form factor with leatherette look and feel.
  • The outer surface of the dart case offers the best grip with effective storage space.
  • The dimension of the case is well balanced for solving your travel issues.
  • The nylon built produces a high grip.

06. Cyeelife Transparent Plastic Dart Case

The Cyeelife Dart Cases is for a professional who’s on the run, one who has been wearing lightweight clothing. Crafted of fashionable and vibrant transparent plastic safety, the casing helps you to hold the whole dart without unplugging it beforehand.

With the included clipping help you to comfortably add it to a belt buckle for convenient, hands-free transportation. Another downside of the Cyeelife scenario is that it would be accessible in Nine bright colors — Blue, Black, Soft Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Slate Grey, Gray, and Orange.

Often, in the quantities of one or Two, you should get this specific circumstance. Its 1 unit is around $9, and the 2 units’ collection is around $15, depending on the color you choose. However, the above case may not be for everyone. When you have bigger darts or slimmer weapons (supposed to be non-tungsten darts), that’s not the situation for sure.

The features of Cyeelife Transparent Plastic Dart Case are:

  • Its transparent look and feel are very different from traditional cases.
  • The broker integrated with In-built clip and buckle.
  • The dimension of the case is very minimalistic and slim.
  •  The cost of the case is very low.

07. Harrows Z800 Blue Black Darts Case

The nylon dart case only comes in black color. You may assume this is the cost of value you’ve got to compensate for. It arrives with such a stunning blue hue that’s likely to attract the eye of the individuals surrounding you.

And, what’s this about consistency? Transforms out the cases do have some pretty decent functionality, too. It will be big; it can accommodate 2 pairs of darts. To make the cover lightweight and spacious, there have been 2 wide sections to hold your external accessories rather than just separate small slots.

The darts are held within a band that provides a somewhat safe choice and holds the darts in position. It comes with an awesome integration of a carabineer clip for better secure storage. With the aid of a button, you may add the bag to your waistband. Ultimately, it is a dart pouch with large nylon outer and a sturdy zipper. The price is falling in the majority of the market, so you don’t even have to invest more.

Some of the best features of Harrows Z800 Blue Black Darts Case are:

  • The dart is built with nylon-based material for a superb strong feel.
  • The storage of the dart case is very well managed.
  • The quality of the case is very lightweight and spacious.
  • The exterior quality of the case is very well built with highly durable in nature.
  • The zipper quality of the case is very high which offers high-quality interlocking.

08. Metroline Double Deluxe Dart Case

Metroline is also another popular brand in the field of dart gaming, and their cases are often not disappointing. Rather than the one previously reviewed, this is a lightweight casing constructed of a mixture of cloth and nylon.

Something, of instance, doesn’t indicate that it’s not secure sufficient, because it is very durable and can shield its items from any external influences. The Double Deluxe Dart bag, as the title indicates, is capable of holding 2 packs of darts.

Additionally, there’s just a single Velcro holding compartment within the pack, so you’re not expecting to be able to get a ton of attachments inside it. One of the drawbacks of Metroline’s item is that it is comparatively costly compared to other products.

Some of the best features of Metroline Double Deluxe Dart Case are:

  • The dart case provides a superb combination of fabric with nylon blend into it.
  • It keeps the darts safe and secured.
  • It is integrated with a secured zipper with high-quality plastic.
  • The case is flexible to generate break free experience with a compact form factor.

09. Tiga Smart Dart Case

Tiga is a Japanese brand specialized in offering high-quality products. It’s a well-known brand in the dart gaming community, and its cases do not even fail. Including the one successfully tested, it is a lightweight casing constructed of a carbon-like cloth. That, of fact, doesn’t indicate that it is not secure sufficient, because it is very durable and can shield its items from any external environmental factors.

The Intelligent Dart holder will accommodate just a single group of darts locked in place by the rubber bands fixed to the closure. It is a zipper case with an additional wrist band for better handling.

Furthermore, there is just one holding compartment within the package, so you’re not going to be able to put a ton of things inside it. Tiga’s treatment appears in 4 separate colors: red, black, white and metallic grey.

Some of the best features of Tiga Smart Dart Case are:

  • It is a Japanese brand and well known for its quality.
  • The straps and the zipper are very well placed for the secured holding of darts.
  • It comes with 4 different colors with extra durability and compactness.

10. Cosmo Darts Fit Flight Case

This dart case is not designed for a group of teams; it may be used by a newbie as well as by experts. The casing is built in such a sense that any piece of dart fits comfortably inside of it. Its overall quality is also excellent, and craftsmanship on the layout is outstanding.

The biggest strength of this case is its usability; it’s going to fit very conveniently next to your bags so that you can take your darts around without any trouble. The scale of this case is tiny relative to many other items on this page, but it does not take anything away from it. It can hold a selection of darts, about 8 or 9 levels, and it even has space for a match-tokens or Identity card.

Consider the fact, though, that it is a soft case. It’s not built for aggressive use, so you should be cautious about it. Stop tossing it out there, and also don’t rinse it in a washing machine — it may lose its power. If you want to, then wash it using your hands.

Some of the best features of Cosmo Darts Fit Flight Case are:

  • The built quality is best for holding darts in place with additional comfort.
  • It comes with additional features like 8 levels of space for holding tokens and identity cards.
  • The usage and strength of the case are very good and can be washed using hands.

Let’s Wrap Up Now

These were all our top ten dart carrying cases on the market right now. There are all sorts of situations around here, so now you’re expecting to be able to make a sensible judgment. if you are someone who prefers a bigger, slimmer dart case to carry tor favorite darts or you want a lighter wrap up kit for easy pocket carrying form factor or can be slipped easily in your backpack.

Let’s hope you’ve found the perfect case for you after the above guide. So, at last, try to maintain your expensive darts safe and secure no matter whether you are keeping it at your place or taking it out for random matches.

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