10 Curated Best Dartboard Lights in 2022

Purchasing proper darts and a high-end board is usually the top priority when one wants to play dart at home. But did you know that the most crucial part about the setup is the lighting system? Take a look at the pub setups. You will notice that there are LED lights or other lighting systems for the dartboard.

Ever wondered why it is there? To make sure that the players can adequately see what they are aiming for. But you will not find spotlight or angled-down lights on those setups because the best dartboard lights are the most practical solution. However, choosing one of them can be daunting.

The thing is, not all available lighting systems will offer you the visibility you want. Most will just illuminate some parts of the setup. But if you stick with us, you can choose the right dartboard lighting system without facing any issues.

Our top pick: The Target Darts Corona Vision Lighting System is the best one on the market. It’s easy to set up, provides great lighting, and makes it easy to see your darts board target. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line dartboard light system, this is the one you want.

The Best Dartboard Lights Review

We had gone through multiple LED lights claimed to be better than the other dartboard light systems. But, in reality, most were average at best. However, upon testing them out and getting a good hands-on experience, we can say that these dartboard lights are actually the ones that deserve your money:

Another highly popular lighting system we have for this list of the best dartboard lighting systems is the Target Darts Corona Vision Lighting System. Want to know what makes the Target Corona Vision so popular? Continue reading!

The manufacturer, Target Darts, has opted for an innovative design. The design removes most of the installation hassles and will let you install the Target Corona Vision in no time at all. You will also get four magnetic feet and an installation manual with the package.

Those magnetic feet will make magnetic attachment possible. So, you can quickly take the Corona Lighting System off the board if you want to. Also, you can use it with a standard dartboard, dartboard cabinet, or with a dartboard and surround system.

Other than that, the LED light system has 123 LEDs. That makes it offer shadowless bright light. For how powerful each LED light is, it will work perfectly in dimmed and well-lit rooms—no wonder why it got World Darts Federation approval.




The Corona Lighting System is pretty popular, and now you know why. It is an excellent pick as a dartboard lighting system, and it can adequately increase the visibility of the board.

2. Mission Torus 270 Dartboard Lighting

Not all of the dartboard lighting system needs to be bulky. And Mission Torus believes exactly that, which is why they have come up with this dartboard system.

The overall construction of this lighting system is of aerospace-grade aluminum. Such a construction material makes it achieve lightweight and high overall durability at the same time. It will be capable of taking a good number of hits from off-targeted darts and will still stay in one piece.

You will not need to worry about the installation process. Unlike the average dartboard lights, it comes with a unique Spring Clip mechanism, which will make the system securely hold onto the dartboard. The clamps are easy to open and close as well.

Aside from that, it has an optimized lighting angle. And unlike the other lighting modes, the 25-degree angle of the inner lip will do a proper job of flooding the board with the right amount of light from all angles. Aiming and hitting on the right spot will become an easy task.




This dartboard lighting has a lot going on. It features an optimized lighting angle, is light in weight, highly durable, and has loads of unique traits. Overall, it is a great pick!

03. Unicorn Dart's Solar 2 Pro

Let us start the list of the best dartboard lighting system with a high-end option. You might have already heard about the unicorn solar flare in pubs. It is the go-to pick for many. And the Solar 2 Pro takes dartboard lighting systems up a notch.

So, the first thing that makes this dartboard lighting system stand out is the Surround lighting mechanism. The light tube goes all the way to 360 degrees and will illuminate the board from every angle. It even offers non-glare illumination.

Thanks to the full circumference LED illuminating mode, there will be no need to worry about shadows. Also, the dartboard lighting system will work with most dartboards without any issues. It is designed to work with any dartboard bracket.

Another thing that makes this light system worth getting is that it requires no assembly. It will fit directly and securely over your board. On that note, The variant of the Solar Surround requires a 12 volts power supply, which should not be a problem either. You will also get an international plug adaptor kit.




This LED light for dartboard will surely make your game room feel a lot like a pub game room. The circular light will offer light from all angles, and it does not require any assembly.

04. Unicorn Solar Flare Illuminated Dartboard Surround

We have already mentioned how popular the Unicorn Solar Flare is. Well, it is time to review it. And you will see precisely why we mentioned it at the beginning of this best dartboard light list.

So, the Unicorn Solar Flare Illuminated lighting system will work on any dartboard setup as long as it is standard. In fact, it might even go top of nonstandard boards as well. And when you do set this up, you will get a non-glare dartboard light that will increase visibility to the level max.

The Solar Flare Illuminated Dartboard Surround also comes with an aluminum front cover. This cover will protect the display light from getting damaged from the darts. And the surrounding lighting direction of the unit makes it offer a bright light to the board from all angles.

The Solar Flare Surround does not require any assembly, and for the easy installation process, you will be capable of setting it up in a short amount of time. You will even find a multi-adapter, which will make the dartboard lighting system work with multiple power outlets.




The Unicorn Solar Flare Illuminated Dartboard Surround is the lighting system you need if you want to gain high visibility on your standard board. It is easy to install and offers light from all directions. What more can you ask?

05. Target Vision 360 LED

The accessories from Target Darts are always treated as high-end. Well, the same thing is applicable to the dartboard lighting system. It has a lot to offer.

First of all, the dartboard light utilizes a total of 125 LED lights. These LED lights can offer a consistent light and make the dartboard illuminated from all angles. Regardless of the lighting system of your game room, you will be capable of getting maximum visibility on your board with these LED lights.

But that is not all! This lighting system is virtually shadowless. That means you will get improved overall vision on your dartboard. The overall construction is solid as well. It features a steel ring that can withstand a good amount of abuse. So, if you do make stray darts hit the body, you will have nothing to worry about.

Even the power adapter that leads to the power outlet has reinforcement. It comes with the Titan dartboard locking bracket, which makes it securely hold onto the board. Also, there are adjustable feet, enabling you to easily install the lighting system on uneven walls.




You can not simply go wrong with this dartboard lighting system. The display light mechanism illuminates the entire board without any shadows. It also stays secure on an uneven wall.

06. ONE80 Illumina Lighting System

Want to get a natural daylight effect on your dartboard? You should take a look at what ONE80 is offering here.

The first thing that makes the Illumina dartboard light stand out is the high-tech optical lens. That is something we do not see in most of the other offerings. The lens will do a proper job of providing a consistent flow of light and making the board gain high overall visibility.

Furthermore, the LED lights combined with the optical lens make the light achieve a natural daylight effect. It will not be that bright to the eye, nor will you need to worry about glaring issues. Compared to other lighting modes, the setup offers a minimum amount of shadow as well.

There will be no need to go through too much hassle when it comes to installing it. It comes with all the mounting hardware you will need, and the assembly process is pretty straightforward.




The daylight effect is the most highlighting thing about this dartboard light. It will make you see the dartboard without glares and minimum shadow. So, you will be getting well worth of your money.



Looking to get yourself a pretty affordable dartboard light but do not want to deal with too much shadows? The Winmau Plasma dartboard light is the one you have been looking for all this time!

To start with, the Plasma lighting system features a user-friendly design. It is easy to assemble and will not make you go through any hassles when it comes to setting it up in your desired position. Even the power cable is easy to work with. It will not hang from the board like other average lights.

Another thing that makes Winmau plasma light stand out is the LED lights. They surround the entire board properly and make every angle of the board visible. The LEDs are also well-capable of enhancing the overall visibility as the brightness is just right!

Furthermore, the LEDs can minimize the shadows from the board properly. So, even if you are in a dimly-lit room, you will still have high overall visibility on the board.




The fact that it does not cost a ton but still performs better than most of the medium-range LED systems for dartboard amazed us. Its LEDs also offer illumination from all angles.

08. Mission Torus 100

There are loads of dartboard lights in the market. But there are not that many that are portable. However, if you were looking for one, consider this one from Mission.

As we mentioned, this one features a portable design. The ring is foldable, making it easy to carry. Now, why would anyone want a portable lighting system? Well, think of going to your friend’s house just to see that their dartboard does not have a proper lighting mechanism. Bummer, right?

Nonetheless, the overall build quality is top-notch as well. The manufacturer has opted for high-quality aluminum. For the aerospace grading, the aluminum makes the unit reasonably durable. Also, for the aluminum construction, it is light in weight too.

It also comes with a Spring Clip mechanism. The clips are basically clamps that will securely hold onto the board. And thanks to that, it should be compatible with most of the boards. The LEDs are well-capable of making the board highly visible as well. They can even minimize the amount of shadow.




The manufacturer, Mission, has impressed us with the design of this system. It is foldable, lightweight, and highly portable. Also, the LEDs can properly brighten up the board and mitigate the shadows.

09. Winmau Polaris 120° Light Dartboard

We have got another unit that is from Winmau. And just like the previous LED system, this is well-worthy of your money.

Firstly, the unit features an intuitive design. That design makes it compatible with any dartboard. In other words, even if you have a nonstandard dartboard, you will have no problem at all in terms of setting it up. It also comes with all the mounting hardware, which will make the setup much hassle-free.

The package will also come with a universal dartboard mount. Thanks to that, you can use it as a surround dartboard arm and light tube or as non-surround light. Instead of utilizing a battery-powered system, Winmau has designed this system to get power from the outlet.

As it is not battery-powered, you will not have to worry about changing the batteries either. Also, it features a 120 degrees light dispersion mode. That might give you the feeling that it will not be capable of illuminating the board properly, but it can actually make the dartboard highly visible.




This lighting system features an intuitive design, which makes it compatible with most dartboards. It even comes with a universal mount, making the installation a breeze. Also, the LEDs can properly illuminate the board.

10. Viper Shadow Buster

Is your budget extremely tight? Want to get yourself a cabinet-mounted display light that will do a proper job of illuminating the dartboard? Look no more! Viper has got your back!

This cabinet-mounted display light has a lot going for. Firstly, it utilizes battery-operated LED light pods that will deliver a crisp and clear viewing angle. And as the name suggests, the battery-operated LED pods will do a proper job of busting the shadow from the board. You will get high overall visibility.

Now, as the unit has battery-operated LED pods, it will have batteries as a power supply. But the good news is that 4 AA batteries will make it properly illuminate the board for a prolonged amount of time. So, you will not need to worry about replacing the batteries that frequently either.

Another thing that is unique about this battery-operated LED light is that it is easy to install. The display light flips upward, which will allow you to work with the system efficiently. Also, the three lights are adjustable. And thanks to the versatility, you can use it to illuminate picture frames if you want to.




You will not need to worry about cords with this lighting system. It operates on battery, and as it is highly efficient, there will be no need to change the batteries from time to time.

Best Dartboard lights - Things To Consider

Yes, we know that our review section has made the choosing process much easier for you. But things can get much more manageable. However, for that to happen, you would need to keep these factors in your mind:


First and foremost, consider the brightness of the system. But to correctly pick the unit with the correct brightness, you should keep the room’s lighting condition. If the room is well-lit, opt for the highly bright systems. The moderate bright systems will cast shadows.

On the other hand, get the moderate bright systems if your room is not well-lit. The highly bright ones can make it hard for you to see the board correctly.


Another thing that needs to be in your consideration is the lighting angles. Usually, the 360 degrees will provide high overall visibility. But the 120 degrees systems with high-power LEDs will also do a proper job of illuminating the entire board.

However, 120-degree systems will not take up the whole surrounding space of the board. So, if your board does not have that much space around it, consider getting the 120-degree options.

Power Source

Most of the units will require a power outlet connection to operate. But you might want to get something that is cordless. In that case, opt for the battery-operated LED systems. Now, when you are getting a battery-operated LED system, do make sure that the LEDs are efficient, or else you will find yourself changing the batteries pretty often.

On the other hand, ensure that the adaptor is compatible with your outlet for the ones that require a power adaptor. Our recommendation would be to go for the ones that come with a universal plug. With those, you can eliminate the setup issues that you might face with a system that comes with a region-specific adaptor.

Installation Process

You would not want to go through too much of hassles while trying to set up the light on the board, would you? Well, for that reason, you need to keep the installation process in your mind. Instead of getting the ones with a complicated process, opt for the ones that require little to no assembly at all.

Furthermore, check if the package comes with all of the required hardware. If it does not, you will need to get the hardware by yourself, which, again, is an extra hassle and will make you spend extra money.

Build Quality

The build quality is an important thing that you should factor in when choosing the dartboard lights. It goes without saying that if you opt for something with the average build quality, you will not get extended use out of it. Also, if darts do end up hitting the frame of the system, the whole thing can stop working.

Instead, shoot for the ones that are of high-quality materials. Those will have a top-notch build quality and high durability level. In other words, the ones with solid build quality will last for a prolonged time without showing any performance or structural issues.


Most frequent questions and answers

When it comes to finding the right place for the dartboard, you should pick a spot that will offer minimal shadow on the board. Sometimes, if your location is just right, you will not even need a dartboard lighting system. However, extra lighting does increase the visibility of the board and makes it easier to hit the bull’s eye.

Usually, most of the systems will rely on a 12-volt source. And as you know, there are two different versions of dartboard lights if you consider the power source. The battery-operated ones, however, will primarily utilize AA batteries. Mostly, the AA batteries are 1.5 volts each.

It depends. Not all of the dartboard lights will have an adjustable brightness system. So, if you think that the brightness adjustment system is a must for you, check the product features before making the purchase.

Some of the lighting systems will surely come with adjustable feet. You will even find some units with adjustable lights. However, the case will not be the same for all of the available systems.

LEDs are highly efficient and last for a prolonged time. Some of them can even last more than 100 thousand hours. So, you can expect the lights of the dartboard lighting system to last for a good amount of time. The lights might even outlast the board.

Final Words

So, what is the best dartboard light? The answer to that question is the Target Darts Corona Vision Lighting System. This system provides excellent lighting for your game and is easy to install. It also has a long life span, making it a great investment for any darter. If you are looking for an affordable and high-quality dartboard light, the Target Darts Corona Vision Lighting System should be at the top of your list. As you can see, choosing the best dartboard lights gets really easy if you know what options you should consider. And if you consider the vital factors we have discussed above, you are sure to get something that will be worth each penny you are going to pay.