Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard Review- One Of the Best Dart Board

Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard ReviewWinmau-Blade-4-Bristle-Dartboard

Dart is one popular game in various part of the world. it is one of the games that you can enjoy with your friends and your family. It is one of the common games in professional competitions and also in the regular pubs. It is a game of throwing a dart at the dartboard that is why it is not that hard to play also. Once you play with it. You will surely find that no man cave is complete without dartboard. But there is always a question to be answered, which dartboard is going to be the best for my man cave. Winmau is one of the best dart board brands out there for you if you are looking for a great and long lasting dartboard.

If you are interested in purchasing from this brand, I think Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard is a very good choice for you. Hanging this board to your office is also a good idea. It is not that noisy and dart usually does not take a huge deal of time. Find out why it is one of the best dartboards of 2017. If you interested in electronic dartboard We also reviewed best electronic dartboard.

Here Winmau Blade 4 Features :

Winmau Blade 4 dartboard is one of the top dartboards of 2017.  If you have a budget, I suggest you to go for it.
Later Winamu released the new product like Winmau blade 5 and Winmau blade 5 dual-core dartboard but popularity and consistency of Winmau blade 4 dartboards quite outstanding   It can separate itself from the rest of the dartboard out there. It is better than the previous blade 3 models also winmau blade 4 dual-core dartboard. It has various features to make it one of the best out there.

Color and Finishing:

When it comes to good score a vivid color is very important. If your dartboard doesn’t have vivid color your scoring potential decrease. Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard has a very good combination of color which is very effective for your eyes and a good score. The finishing is far better than the previous installment of the blade 3 models. With the perfect lighting, vivid colors of the dartboard will become perfect. This is what you were looking for your dart playing experience.

Thinner Dynamic Sector Wire:

It is a bit hard to score high and it is a bit frustrating when you are doing good but somehow the wiring is the reason for low scoring. This time winmau did consider the fact and introduced 50% thinner dynamic sector wiring compare to the previous version of blade 3 dartboards. It is surely an improvement. It decreases the dart bounce out. Mainly this is for increasing the potential of high scores but I also increase the average amount of scores.

Galvanized Steel Wiring:

Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard has spider wiring. Spider wiring is one of those factors that define if the dartboard is good in quality or not. It is not one of that dartboard which provides high bounce out rate. The wiring is created with a high-tensile and to make it more effective and ultra-durable it combines galvanized steels. The power of the wiring is not there for the show it is there to make sure that you can score more by deflecting the dart into the scoring bed along with reducing dart bounce. The bonus of the great galvanized steel wiring you are getting the longevity of the board.

Triangular Shaped Wiring:

The shape of the wiring is very important when it comes to the quality of any kind of dart board. Triangle shaped wiring is essential if the dartboard is trying to provide class. Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard has a great triangular shaped wiring. It is mainly used for direct the dart to the target area and decrease the bounce out which is very important to increase the high-scoring potential.

Staple Free Blade Technology:

One of the top features of best bristle/sisal Dartboard is Staple Free Blade Technology. It very important to increase high scoring potential. Staple-free Blade Technology decreases the amount of wiring on the face of the board. This technology was first developed back in 1997 and that Is by Winmau. Now the 4th generation of the Winmau blades is in the top of the staple free dartboards.   

High-Density Sisal:

The most important thing of any dartboard is the board itself. Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard is a board which does not compromise a bit about the sisal it is using. The entire board is made of a very high-density sisal. The high visibility of the Kenyan sisal is there to provide more vivid color. It also provides super longevity. It is a quality sisal that is why It has self-healing power. It heals itself after every dart removal and it heals itself very quickly. It holds dart better than the previous version of blade 3. That increase the life span of the dartboard. It also increases the average scoring potential and decreases bounce out.

Easily mountable:

Sometimes mounting a dartboard can be a very hard thing to do and the mounting hardware is trash. For this excellent dartboard, this is not true at all.  You will find mounting a child’s play. All the provided mounting hardware are very high quality as well. In fact, you are going to get a perfect package with the dartboard.


There are more than enough pros attached with this particular dartboard. If you are a professional player or even a newbie, you are going to find this a must have for your man cave. Here are some useful pro points.

  • Vivid Colors for better targeting
  • Staple Free Blade Technology better scoring.
  • Low bounce out for high scoring potential.
  • Triangle Shaped Wiring.
  • High-Density Sisal for better dart holding and long life span.
  • Galvanized Steel Wiring increase scoring area in the face of the board.
  • Thinner Dynamic Sector Wiring for reducing bounce out.


Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard is a dartboard which does not contain any kind of cons that I could find in keen viewing. But tried hard to find out cons if there is any. I find a con which is not that big of a deal as well.

You need to protect it from extra sunline and water and it is true for every traditional dartboard.

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Credit: Worldwidedarts

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In the world of the dartboard, you are going to come in touch with many of the dartboard that is good and deserving your attention, but when it comes to the perfect combination of quality and playing experience Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard is easily one of the best for your pick. The perfect quality will impress you and the experience will surely compel you to select it for your man cave. I am going to recommend this board to any of my friends whether he is a pro or a newbie. This is a very good choice for anyone who is interested in improving their skills in a dart or trying for any competition.

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