Best Electronic Dartboards 2019 – Evolution of Traditional Dart board


The electronic dart board is for new time people. These dartboards do contain many features with them. You will find many styles when it comes to electronic boards. It is a very good choice for seasonal or amateurs.

Compare to the bristle board, the electric dart boards are very light because of its plastic body. The entire body of the board is covered with very little holes. These holes mainly exist because the dart will stick within that whole and send a message to the internal operating system to calculate your hit score.  Most of the time electronic dart board comes with the plastic tipped dart for the reason of safety but not always. With some modal, you will find heavier and steel tipped darts these are for making the game a bit more perfect to its nature in other words genuine.

The Best Electronic Dartboards

This best electronic dartboard review article is aimed at introducing five of the best electronic dartboards to you. Here 5 best electronic dartboards of 2019

Let’s find out why these dart boards are the best.


Best Electronic dart board 

It is made from high-quality materials that place it at par with tournament grade electronic dartboards. The board’s surface holds the darts firmly so you need not worry about the darts falling off.

Unfortunately, the maximum number of players allowed to play a game using this board is limited to 8. The Arachnid 800, however, makes up for that limitation by offering players up to 39 games with over 170 variations to choose from. For many, the Arachnid 800’s selling point is its outstanding optional 3 level heckler feature which allows for interactive play.

The lower part of the Arachnid 800’s body houses the display screen which keeps all the players updated. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the multiple control buttons found on the Viper 800. The two buttons to the left of the LCD screen are sufficient for controlling the board.


  • Strong build quality
  • Sizably large easy to read display screen.
  • Optional three level heckler feature for improved game play
  • Dart surface is firm and holds darts in place during a game.


  • Strong build quality


Make the Arachnid 800 Electronic Dartboard part of your life and enjoy the game the right way. It’s the most recommended electronic dartboard.


Best Online Electronic dart board 

One of the major characteristics of electronic dartboards is the LCD screen. Surprisingly, the Darts connect online electronic dartboard didn’t come with one. The Darts connect dartboard synchronizes with your Android/iOS smartphoneusing WiFi and that’s where you get your scores and game settings displayed. This is a pretty cool feature lacking in other electronic dartboards.

The Darts connect dartboard supports online gameplay. Several players can compete from any part of the world for a leader spot in the global league table. The built-in wide viewing angled camera with video streaming functionality minimizes the risk of cheating during games so you can have more fun and fewer fights and arguments.

Playing your game on the Dart connects dartboard is fun. The large regulation-sized 15.5-inch playing dartboard is made from tournament grade high-quality materials. The dartboard is fully padded to ensure its noise is minimized during gameplay. You can hang it in your living room and enjoy the game with your sons without pissing off your wife and daughters.
If you’re looking for a battery-powered electronic dartboard, the Darts Connect Electronic Dartboard is what you need. It’s powered by either USB or 4 AA batteries.


  • Battery and electrically powered makes it an ideal travel companion
  • It’s sturdy
  • Connects online for online gameplay
  • Video camera recorder with streaming capability
  • Noise cancellation double layer EVA padding


  • Connecting the dartboard online is a task many find difficult.
  • Darts keep bouncing off the board when you least expected.


With state of the art features that separate it from the pack, the Darts Connect Online Electronic Dartboard will ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable game with your companions.


Best Electronic dart board 

The board sports a super regulation-sized 15.5-inch target face and build quality of the Viper 800 is strong. To start with, it’s made using tournament quality thermal resin materials. This ensures durability and provides a great playing surface for its users. One of the most fantastic features of the Viper 800 is the dart storage pocket. It can conveniently hold two sets of darts.

Additionally, the Viper 800 It can conveniently hold two sets of darts. Additionally, the Viper 800 dartboard can accommodate up to 16 players who can choose from the 57 games in it. Thanks to the dart catch ring, your wall is protected from damage.

The Viper 800’s bottom half features a crystal clear bright LCD screen that delivers scores as well as statistics of the ongoing game. This saves you the stress of manually writing down the information yourself. To the left of the LCD display screen are the control buttons. From this deck of buttons, you can easily control the game and the board as well.
It is also worth mentioning that the Viper 800 dartboard is equipped with the Viper Laser beam technology. This is useful for marking throw and toe lines and helps you do away with the conventional floor adhesive markers.


  • Crystal clear LCD screen
  • Control buttons for easy usage
  • Accommodates up to 16 players who can choose from 57 games with over 300 options
  • Exceptional build quality.
  • Dart storage pocket


  • Segments don’t light up when playing cricket
  • Not battery powered


With state of the art features that separate it from the pack, the Darts Connect Online Electronic Dartboard will ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable game with your companions.


Best Electronic dart board In Budget

For many, the Fat Cat 727 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard is often regarded as a cheap electronic dartboard. In reality, it’s cheap, but that doesn’t make it any less than the other electronic dartboards.

Made from the finest materials although it isn’t tournament grade, the Fat Cat Dartboard is still a good piece. Unfortunately, however, it is totally battery powered by 2 AA batteries. This would definitely drill a hole in the pocket of the owner as he’d have to spend more on batteries than on the dartboard itself within a short while. Unlike the Viper 800 with a dart storage pouch, the Fat Cart 727 has none. Instead, what you get is a plastic carrying bag for your darts.

The playing surface measures just about 13 inches and is receptive to soft tip darts. The missed dart catch ring protects your wall from the darts.
Surprisingly, the Fat Cat 727 allows you to choose from a variety of games. It features about 18 games with 96 different options. The display screen is located just by the sides of the playing board, and just below it is a few control buttons.


  • 18 games with 96 options to choose from.
  • Battery powered
  • Battery powered
  • Great soft tip board that keeps darts from bouncing off


  • No AC adapter or USB cable for power input


Best Electronic dart board 

Just like its distant cousin the Viper 800, the Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard is one of thebest-selling electronic dartboards in the market today. It sports a 15.5-inch dartboard. The lower end of the dartboard houses the control buttons on one side and the bright LCD screen on the other end. This helps you select from a plethora of games and game options. The blue, red, and white color schemes make it look stylish, to say the least.

The Viper 777 features 43 games with 320 options to choose from and can accommodate a maximum number of 8 players. The dartboard playing surface is made to hold the soft tip darts firmly in place and there is a large missed dart ring that protects your wall.

The Viper 777 supports two languages: English and Spanish. Additionally, it comes with its own mounting hardware backed with a mounting instruction manual. For the Viper 777 Electronic dartboard to work, you can either power it via a power cable or insert just 3 AA batteries into it.


  • Battery powered with support for AC power.
  • Bright LCD screen
  • Control buttons for easy settings
  • 43 games with 320 options to choose from
  • Accommodates 8 players
  • Regulation sized tournament quality board.


  • The board cannot be muted.
  • AC adapter needs to be purchased separately.
  • LCD screen light malfunctions easily


The flaws of the Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard notwithstanding, it still makes the game of dart worth playing every minute of the day.

Now that we’ve reviewed these best electronic dartboards, I believe you’ve found one that appeals to your taste and preference.


Just before you make that purchase, here are a few things you should know about getting an electronic dartboard.

The Electronic Dartboard Buyers Guide:

Consider the following…

Customize Your Board

There are different types of dartboards available on the market today. Each one is customized with different features. Knowing what you need will make the task of finding the best electronic dartboard a less daunting one. It’s easy to customize dartboards nowadays although the cost of owning that dartboard may increase significantly. Customizations allow you to have your name, image, the team logo, etc. inscribed on the board.

Space where you’ll hang it

Make sure you have a convenient location where the board will be hung. This location should be suitable for everyone.

Board Size

If you’re going to keep the dartboard in an adult’s room, the regulation size dartboards are the best option.

Cyber play feature

Can the electronic board you’re about to buy be linked to another similar electronic board remotely? This feature isn’t a must-have, although it helps make the game more fun.

The number of users

 If you are expecting a large number of users to make use of the electronic dartboard you’re about to purchase, then you need to get one that can accommodate at least ten players.

Avoid Cheap Units

Everyone loves to get a 10% discount on the products they are about to buy. That’s great, but it’s pertinent that you be careful so as to avoid buying a cheap board that would get damaged within a short while.

Wrapping it up…

It’s high time the younger generation is introduced to the game of darts, its principles, and the lessons to learn from playing it. There’s no better way of doing this than using an electronic dartboard which appeals to the digital generation of children in the world today.

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