Laser oche an awesome gadget for Dart room- Best laser oche of 2021

Laser Oche offers a high-tech solution to a dart pad or even an oche label on the wall. Laser Oche’s streamlined layout is a genuine 21st Century dart tool that can carry the dart setting up another level. The Laser Oche is highly customisable since what you want to do is push the projector head backward and forwards.

For perfect laser light, you can tell whether your step is off the ground, including in poorly lit places, so there’s nothing else to do with it. It is a lightweight device that can be conveniently connected to a wall or table or dartboard cabinet.

From many years we are struggling and trying to deal with all messy physical techniques to precisely locate the dart-throwing foot position. So is there any advantage of this tiny laser Oche? However, one of the most relevant issues is, “Is it really worth buying a laser oche?”

Is it a good decision to invest in a Laser Oche?

Almost all of us were using a variety of different approaches to map the throwing position. It includes a variety of unorganised messy techniques; use of sticky dirt tapes, floor tags for step tracking, wooden scales, floor mats or dart mats for additional grip and other non-recommended hacks.

However, they are quite cheap and economical to perform such unauthentic measurement jobs. There are, indeed, few limitations about them, I’m sure you’ve identified. So besides that a line dart laser oche is an innovative gadget to deal with better gameplay in a similar price range.

A wood frame, yet much tougher, is bound to get in the track, so that’s only one more item to get there so that it can do the purpose effectively. A laser oche usually is placed on the wall of the dartboard. Since coping with all types of challenges, it offers exciting aesthetic  pleasing looks and transforms your gameplay room into a funky sci-fi environment.

The main advantage of using it is for transparency, simplicity of usage, and neatness, these approaches were not even similar to each other. It doesn’t matter what type of flooring or mattress you’ve got, and it’s going to fit. That’s not going to get in the way, and that’s not going to wreck the space style in either sense. Moreover it’s just a tool and perfectly goes with either bristle dart board or electronic dart board

Why to Use A Laser Oche?

  • The game of darts is a very intense game and requires a handful of equipment. So including a laser Oche in your setup will enhance the overall experience and offer high transparency. 
  • Obeying the laws of the darts gameplay, the oche will reach 7 foot 9.25 inches. A Laser Oche indicator should then be put to label when the participants have to throw it away.
  • Adhesive labels stickers and dart mats seem to be the most popular forms of throwing outlines or foot indicators, although there are laser toe position indicators. We’ve been shifting through both the rivalry and picking the few that we know stand out from the crowd.
  • In our detailed comparison to the perfect laser darts oche, we’re going to be showing you some best lasers oche on the marketplace and offer you specific guidance whenever it’s time to select. Let’s get going now.

best laser oche in market

With the laser oche from viper, you don’t have to worry about being disappointed. Viper is known for its high-performance line of electronic dartboards, and this toe marker is no exception. Viper’s Laser Oche is one of the best-selling toe markers in the industry. It can be used on both steel tip dartboards and soft tip dartboards. When it comes to aesthetics, For a traditional look, I always prefer a dartboard set up with a mat or a regular marker, but electronic setups with laser oches are pretty awesome. The laser produces vivid, sharp projections that are suitable both indoors and outdoors. They can be positioned at any angle, regardless of your room and wall position. It will significantly change the look of your man cave. As very few know about it, you will be the man of hours. Installing it couldn’t be any easier. All you had to do was tighten the screws on both sides. A battery is required to run the whole thing with two 4AA batteries.

best laser oche by hathaway

With the Hathaway Precision Laser Throw & Toe Line, you’ll get the perfect distance every time! Just mount it on your cabinet, backboard, or wall and you’re done! A bubble level is built-in to make sure your throwline is parallel for the best throw. To power up the laser, you will need 2 AAA batteries. However, I prefer a rechargeable battery and charger with Hathaway’s laser toe line since it is Ul certified and rated for 20,000 hours of play. As it stays on the board you are free to move wherever you like. It is not recommended that you use it outside since the laser is not bright enough to create vivid lines. Besides, if you plan to play often, invest in a rechargeable battery pack.

The Accudart Laser Toe Line completely removes the need for these sticky tape strips on the ground. It can be easily fixed to the bottom of the raised oche dartboard shelf or concrete wall and projecting the laser beam of light on to the floor for precise strategic placement of the foot throw line.


This extremely high-tech tool is specially designed to throw a précised laser beamline. Even under daytime or dusk, the laser oche mate beam is incredibly easy to see. 

It can be conveniently connected to the wall behind the monitor or behind the door. Once the laser beam angle of projection is adjusted to the appropriate distance using the changing screw, you may start your game of darts.

Some features of the Laser oche beam:

  • Clamps to the base of the shelf or wall.
  • Projects laser light line to the ground for precise positioning of the throwing line.
  • Eliminates the need for duct tape outlines on the ground.


The right addition of the product to enable the highlight of every dartboard a center of attention. This object is placed on the top of your dartboard storage or specifically on the wall or gate—customisable lighting aid in activating the dartboard and goal zones. 

The particular laser light beam shines the red foot mark on the ground, indicating the distance of the throwing control. Good, isn’t it? Operated with an AC to DC converter or a 4-AAA cell pack.

Let’s check out some of its features given below:

  • It comes with 2 in 1 laser lighting technology; the first one provides a laser beam foot line, and the other offers the dartboard lights.
  • The MD Sports 2 in 1 Laser Toe Line and Dartboard Light is speedy and straightforward to configure. 
  • Customisable toe line range for the metal tip or softer tip
  • Recognisable laser toe point in the daytime or darkened environments
  • Clamps onto the top of any dartboard storage or on walls or gate
  • Push-button activates the show lighting & laser toe line beam.
winmau laser oche one of the best

Winmau’s new advanced Oche shows a significant-tech solution to a darts board or an oche mark on the ground. Laser Beam Oche’s elegant style is a good 21st Generation dart tool that can carry the dart gear up another level. The Laser Oche mate is completely customizable just by setting its position in either direction.

With such a proper spotlight, anyone can tell where the foot is off the ground, including in poorly lit places. It is a lightweight device that can be conveniently connected to a door or shelf.

The best features of Winmau Laser Darts Oche are:

  • Technology loaded laser beam to mark down the path of the foot line.
  • Fully Customisable range of the line.
  • Relatively compact device that can be conveniently connected to a wall or Shelf. 
  • The system is powered by cells (not included in the box).

Wrapping it up: 

Those are the best quality of laser oche  you can get in market. It’s not an essential tool that going to improve your game, certainly your practice does. You are one of them who likes to be updated with time and wants to take the game room in to another level then definitely go for it. To be honest, I will probably buy a new set of darts instead of this tool. 

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