Whether you’re an expert at darts or you just started playing, setting up a dart board at home can mean hours of fun. What might not be fun, though, is trying to put together all the individual components that go into a darts setup. Make it easy on yourself and buy a dart board package.

Dart board packages can include everything from the board itself down to the flights, all coordinated and put together for you, saving you the trouble of individually selecting each part of your setup. There are four types of dart board packages: arcade style, bristle backboard, bristle cabinet, and electronic cabinet.

The best arcade style packages are made by Arachnid, the originators of soft-tip darts, and the company at the forefront of electronic darting. Arachnid’s arcade style dart boards contain numerous games including cricket, keep score for multiple players, and allow for handicapping and tournaments. They come with everything you need from the cabinet-mounted board to the high quality soft-tip darts. Be sure your game room has the space to accommodate an arcade style dart board as they measure about seven feet in height. Depending on how seriously you take your arcade darting, model prices run from a couple hundred dollars to over three thousand. Some assembly may be required, but the time spent enjoying your arcade style setup will well outweigh the time needed to put it together.

Bristle backboard packages

Bristle backboard packages are a relatively inexpensive option, running anywhere from a hundred dollars to just under two hundred, the best ones coming from manufacturers such as Winmau and Halex. Backboards are square, round, or octagonal, and come in a variety of colors to match just about any décor. Some also have scoreboards attached. All come with hardware and easy mounting instructions. As the name suggest, bristle backboard packages come with bristle dartboards, the most common type of dart board available.

A bristle dart board with cabinet package is one of the most decorative, and by far, the most widely available package option. Again, the main feature is the bristle dartboard, but instead of being mounted on a backboard, it’s encased in a wood cabinet with closing doors, allowing it to look more like a piece of furniture when not in use. Prices for this more decorative option run anywhere from fifty five dollars to just under three hundred. Cabinets come in numerous finishes—light, dark, and cherry wood. Many cabinets are themed, painted with logos of sports teams, beers, military branches, and other interests like Harley Davidson or John Deere. Most cabinet doors have scoreboards mounted on the inside, and the cabinets provide storage space for darts, chalk, extra flights, and other accessories.

Electronic cabinet packages

For those who prefer the ease of automatic scoring, electronic cabinet packages are a great option. Similar to bristle cabinet packages, the main difference is the inclusion of an electronic dart board. Cabinets are outfitted with electronic scoreboards, and many have racks for storing darts when not in use. The majority of electronic cabinets are wall mounted, but there are some higher end floor models are available as well. Most electronic dart boards require the use of soft-tip darts, but some do allow for steel-tip darts, if that’s your preference. Just be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions. Electronic cabinet packages range in price from less than a hundred dollars to about three hundred fifty.

Whichever dartboard package you choose, your family and friends will be able to enjoy your favorite game with you in the comfort of your own home for years to come.