DIY dartboard Dart Board Cabinet – Step By Step

According to researchers, Dart Board has proved to be one of the best indoor game. Any age group can easily take it up as their source of entertainment. But while choosing a dartboard one must know how to set up the game and moreover have the knowledge to choose the best one. Even one can set it up himself, before proceeding you must have a proper knowledge.

If you want to set up your own DIY dartboard or Dart Board Cabinet, then here I am going to tell that also.

So, maybe your question is How to make DIY Dart Board & Dart Board Cabinet?

That’s all you need to know before setting up a Dart board. Keep it clear in your mind that you’ll get a variety in the market. But you need to choose according to your needs and aspects.

 If you are the creative one then the readymade thing will never make you pleased. So for your inner satisfaction here I am with the trick and easy craft of making DIY DART BOARD at home. We also Created list of best dartboard of 2017 check it out.

To make the DIY dartboard at home you need to collect some material first,

  • Cork
  • Spider Wire
  • Knife
  • Colored markers
  • Ruler
  • Saw

Making a dart board is the easy thing rather than investing too much money to buy this expensive thing.

Start with Cork: As you know that the main base of a dartboard is a cork and thickness of it is the 1 ½ inches. You need to use this cork to prevent the damage may occur by the thrown of Dart. So be careful when selecting the dart, it should be 18 inches in diameter.

Next step is the Cutting:  This is the most important part as you have to cut it to make a proper 18 inches diameter circle. To do this, it will be better to use a pin in the center of a cork and use an 18inches string and mark the other end with the marker. Track down the circle and cut it with the saw and for the smoothening the edges by trimming.

Marking: First of all, mark the inner bull’s eye, it should be the ½ inch inner diameter and the outer diameter should be 1 ¼ inches. After that, it comes to design that 2 circles respectively, i.e. 7 7/8 and 8 1/2 inches, and you will get triple score ring on the dart board. This is not the end dear, you need to mark more circles so that it can be made a double score band, so the circles should be 12 7/8 inches and 13 ½ inches. No, the time is to create the division part of date board into 20 different and equal sections.  It will be better if you take a template and just copy the layout.

Wire comes next: Wire is the main thing in a dart board, this wire helps to divide the sections. So to give the same look and feel you just collect or buy some spider wire from the supply or store. Now just staple the wire to the dart board so that each section of the board looks delineated.

Finishing: Now your DIY handmade dart board is ready to play and enjoy the game. While hanging it on the wall makes sure that the bull’s eye has to be 5 feet 8 inches from the ground.

If you are creative enough then this job is for you, or you can prepare this item for a personalized gift for your close friends. So let’s start how you can do that, first of all, you need some materials to make a traditional DIY Dart Board cabinet. Check our article best dartboard cabinet of 2017

  • Assemble your materials and tools: Collect two pallets for making the board, you can collect them from your home, just like recycling.
  • You need 11/4inch screws
  • 4 Hinges
  • Varnish and stain
  • Also, need Wood glue
  • Chalkboards

For the tools you need

  1. Hammer
  2. Drill
  3. Saw
  4. paintbrush
  5. Crowbar
  6. Oscillating Sander with 80grid sandpaper

Start with the Pallet: Have your pallet and use the hammer to put the nails but the clean way of doing this is using a reciprocating saw, it is the easy way to hammering a nail.

Time to Prepare the Pallets: When you are giving your time to make DIY cabinet then it should look something creative. So use black stain to paint it and let it dry the whole day. Join your pallets together and see the first turnaround.

The layout of the first look: Now you will get the first lay our of your Dart Board Cabinet, put the dart board there on the pallets and go for the next step to complete this thing fast.

Start the Cabinet: Use glue to clamped the back of the cabinet and leave that to dry.  Put the frame of the cabinet together without using any angles. Next you need to attach the frame with the backboards with some more adjustment.

Door Making: Now your next step is making the door. Make your door ready and paint is with the same black stain be sure that the door match with the outside corners.

Now set up and put all together: The dart board cabinet is ready now, you just need to put it all together for the final setup.



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