DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard Review

DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard Review :Unicorn_Eclipse_Pro_DartBoard

Dart is a renowned game throughout the world. In various parts of the world, it is very popular and most the people love to play dart often. It is good to have a dartboard in your cave. It can help you pass the time with joy and playfulness. Most of the time dart is found in the local pubs and bar. It is kind of hard to play dart in those full places because there are people there who are already waiting to play dart for themselves.

If you are married and love to spend quality time when both of you are in the home, dart can be a very good choice for you. I am hoping because you already have thought about purchasing a dartboard for yourself and that is why you are here. If that is the case DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard is a very good pick for you. It is not a dartboard that is just a dartboard for namesake. DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard have various qualities that make it a contender for the top dartboards of 2017.


DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard have various features that make it a must have dartboard for your cave. This dartboard is one of the most recommended dartboards out there. People recommend it for various reasons. The most important thing among them is a number of features it has with it. All the features combination makes it the world cup class dartboard. So without further ado here we are going to discuss the features and options of DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard which makes it be the best choice for you. Below are the features pointed out.

Staple Free:

DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard is completely staple free dartboard. This is a great advantage for this board. Why is that you may ask? The answer is very simple, most of the time staple do increase the amount of bounce out rate. When it is staple free, dart bounce out rate decreases and provide you the best environment to score big. That is DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard tried their best to provide you the best possible staple free dartboard which will ensure you get the best experience in a possible way.

Excellent Wiring:

Scoring big is very important in any kind of game if you are already involving in a challenge. The best kind of wiring can provide you the best platform to score big. DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard comes with a very expertly constructed wiring.  DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard introduces new kind of wiring. It uses the interlocking instead the regular spider wiring. The razor thin spider wiring provides the perfect environment for scoring big. It decreases dart bounce out rate and improve the score big time. This awesome wiring is also there to make sure that the dartboard last for a very long time. The wiring does help on guiding the darts to the scoring bed.

Perfect Board:

Well, the board of the dartboard is the main part of the board without any question. So the board needs to be perfect in every way possible if the board has to provide the best quality. DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard provide the best solution for that as well. it uses the best quality High-grade sisal fiber for the construction of the board. Which not only provide the perfect body but also ensure a long time sturdiness of the board. the board is able to hold 3 darts at a time. This high-grade sisal fiber has the power of healing itself which maintain an awesome experience that you have while playing dart. It also features 10% more playing surface the best result with that it create more scope for scoring high.

Vivid Color:

If the target is not visible perfectly it will not a good thing for playing dart. DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard did not miss that point also. They provided the perfect color combination for the board. The best quality highly-compressed sisal help provides the best color possible. This vivid color helps you narrow down the target as need. DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard also has power coated numbers to improve the visibility and it also gives those number long life span. It is easy for the eyes and definitely helps on scoring big in the game.

Finishing and Mounting:

DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard have perfect finishing. It is made in New-Zealand. With the perfect wiring, the best quality highly compressed sisal, perfect color combination and the finishing of this dartboard is perfect. The band of the wiring is there to give the dartboard strength. Mounting of this excellent dartboard is next to no work. You can easily mount it without any hustle. All the proper instrument comes with the package and the quality of these mounting goods are very impressive.


DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard is very good product. Like all the good product this dartboard has various pros. These are usually the reason that makes the dartboard so good. Here you can find some of the pros of DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard but these are not all. You will find many other pros which make your gameplay like a gift of Christmas.

  • It is the official World Cup Dartboard Since 1999 and it is sanctioned by World Dart Organization.
  • This is a 100% staple-free dartboard.
  • It ensures lower dart bounce out rate.
  • High-quality sisal to give the board long life span.
  • 10% more playing surface which increases the potential of scoring high.
  • Self-healing power helps the dartboard to last a long time.
  • Made in New-Zealand.
  • New kind of wiring, interlocking instead of spider wiring.
  • Razor thin spider wiring.
  • Vivid color along with power coated numbers.
  • 1-year guaranty Against defects.

These are some of the pros but not all. You will surely find more about the board once you have it for yourself.


I have been to many forums and blogs to read about DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard.  Not a single blog or forum have thought it is a bad choice for any of the dart player. Whether he is a newbie or a pro. It is completely suitable for both the players. I am hell bent on giving at least one con for this individual product. Here is my hard found con for DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard.

  • It does not come with the darts so you will have to buy dart separately.

It a great choice for anyone who is interested in buying a dartboard for themselves. DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard is easily one of the best dartboards in current days. If you are sure about purchasing a dartboard just go for it. You will surely find out why it is one of the best.

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