DMI Bristle Dartboard In Cherry/Oak Cabinet Review

DMI Bristle Dartboard In Cherry/Oak Cabinet  Review:

Dart is a popular game throughout many of the countries in the world. It mostly available in pub and bar. It is a game that is included in various competition worldwide. If you are looking to buy one of these boards for your boyfriend, you need to find a perfect board to give. DMI Bristle Dartboard is a great choice for any gift.

Your boyfriend will love to have it in his man cave. He can play with it whenever he wants. Dart can be played alone or with friends. It also looks beautiful on the wall with or without the cabinet. You will find it within your budget as well. You can play dart in any place if you can have a spot to hang the board. You can also hang it in the office for a little relax time. This is among one of the top dartboards of 2017.


Features that come with DMI Bristle Dartboard are not there for only being there. This bristle board is constructed for the best experience. It is not a dartboard for the sake of being a dartboard. It is better to compare it to other bristle board within this money range. In fact, you will find out why it is different from the other board from the moment you hold it in your hand. Below we have discussed some of the features of the DMI Bristle Dartboard.


DMI Bristle Dartboard comes with two kinds of the cabinet. One is OAK finished and the other one is Cherry finished. The both of the types are well crafted and perfect to look at. Cherry and OAK both of the woods are very attractive to the human eyes. It has double part door design which is there to provide a bit western look to the cabinet. When the doors are closed it seemingly blends with any kind of things. It is very durable as well. This will protect your wall from any drifted darts.

Spider Wiring:

Like all the best dartboard out there DMI Bristle Dartboard is dartboard that considers providing better experience when you are playing. The wiring is done that way which provides a great increment on the potentials of high scoring. It also reduces the wiring of the face of the board and goes on helping with high score. It also tries to guide the dart towards the scoring bed and that is very important when it comes to professional standard. It’s also 100% staple free. The ultra-thin spider wiring increases the scoring area in the face of the board also.

High-Quality Sisal:

All the better one among the dartboards have to have a great quality sisal in the construction of the board. DMI Bristle Dartboard did not compromise at all when it comes to best quality sisal. The best quality sisal is the main ingredient for the board. This best grade American Sisal produces a great appearance. This best quality sisal ensures the long life of the board. It has the powers of healing itself. It heals itself after every dart remove. It makes your dartboard looks new for a long time. The high amount of denseness of the sisal is very useful when it comes to holding the dart into the dartboard.

Vivid Color:

Imagine a target which is very hard to focus on and you are trying to hit the target. Now imagine a target which is very easy to look at and you have to hit the target. Which one will be the easy target to hit and provide the better experience when hitting the target? The easily focused one is the best one right? That is why DMI Bristle Dartboard provides a perfect combination of vivid color. The perfect quality sisal helps these colors to be more shooting to the eyes. The vivid color of the dartboard also increases the chance of scoring high.  

Easy to Mount:

DMI Bristle Dartboard is a dartboard that comes with a cabinet. Sometimes mounting any board onto your wall of your man cave is hard. It required a huge amount of work. In this case, you will find mounting of the dartboard is not that hard, in fact, you will find it child’s play. All the essential elements are included with the package. All you have to do is attach it to the wall nothing else. All the product that comes with it is good in quality.

Dual Scoring Option:

Keeping the score in front of you is very helpful while playing any kind of games and it also helps povide better challange along with better experience while playing. DMI  Dartboard Cabinet comes with two kinds of scoring supports. On the left side of the dartboard cabinet door you will have a chalkboard for keeping the score and on the right side of the door, you will have a perfect electronic board for the same work. You can use any of them, the choice is yours.


It is a great dartboard for anyone who is interested in buying a dartboard within a suitable price. It is stylish and seemingly matches with almost any kind of environment. The finishing of the board is very good. You can surely include it in your long list collections. Here are some pros for your consideration.

  • Regulation-size bristle dart board housed in attractive oak wood cabinet
  • Comes with 6 darts.
  • Have two kinds of scoring options Electronic and Chalkboard.
  • Comes with Cabinet.
  • Protect wall from stray darts.
  • Lower bounce out.
  • Increased scoring area in the face of the dartboard.
  • Self-healing sisal that lasts for many years and keeps your dartboard good as new.
  • You can select OAK or Cherry Wood Cabinet.


These are not all, you will surely find many more when you are using it for yourself. It has great reviews from its purchasers.  It Is one of the bests when it comes to the quality of board and of course it is in at a very low price.


  • The Quality of this board Won’t be like $200 dartboards.
  • You need to make sure it is away from extra water and excessive sunlight.
  • I know these do not consider as cons. This product is on the pinnacle of the dartboards when it comes low budget.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a good dartboard within the limited budget of yours, DMI Bristle Dartboard is the best pick for you. It not only looks good but also provide a quality of high price dartboards. You can enjoy the game to its fullest with DMI Bristle Dartboard. No other board can offer the quality DMI Bristle Dartboard offers within this limited budget.
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