How To Play Golf Darts on a standard dartboard?

Golf is a very popular game and pastime for many people, and it has been adapted into a similar game that can be played on a standard dartboard, without having to trek around a physical golf course. The golf scoring convention is applied, with the player requiring the least number of shots to complete the course winning, but instead of holes, the numbered segments around the dartboard are used. Like most games of golf 18 holes, or rounds, are used as so the numbers 1 to 18 are used on the dartboard, whilst the 19 and 20 segments are reserved for resolving tiebreaks.

Game Scoring and Rules

Each player will have the opportunity to throw 3 darts at each of the 18 segments. Only the last dart that a player throws at a segment is scored, and a player can choose to stop the visit after their first or second throw if they achieve a good score. The player aims at the numbered segment that matches the round they are on. If the dart hits the outer ring, which is the double, they score a hole in 1, and their score for that round is only 1. They should decide to stop throwing if they hit this with their first or second dart, as this is the best score. If a dart hits the thin inner ring, which is the treble, they score 3. If a player hits the thick area between the double and treble, or the area between the treble and the green outer bullseye, this is a single and they score 4 points for that round. If a dart misses the number segment entirely, the player scores 5 points for that round. Once one player finishes a round on a segment, their opponent should go next, and the scores should be recorded after every visit to ensure that each player knows how much risk to take. The player that has the least number of points at the end of the 18th round wins. If the scores are tied, a 19th round is played using the 19 segment. If this is also tied the 20 segment can be used as a final round.


The scoring that is described above is focused on aiming at the double segment, but if player’s want to practice hitting trebles, the points for hitting the treble can be made a hole in 1, whilst the double would count as 3, the single 4 and missing the segment entirely 5.

Tips and Strategies

A strategy could be to aim at the lowest scoring target with your first 2 darts, and if you don’t hit it, switch to an easier target, such as the treble, as if you miss you may hit the single and you don’t carry the risk of scoring 5 points. Therefore, you should think about what you and your opponent are on when deciding what to aim at. You should also have 3 identical darts, each weighing the same amount, and should throw from the same distance every round to ensure consistency.