Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard worth your Every penny

A Brief Review of Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard

Granboard-2-dartboard-reviewGame of darts is everyone’s favorite. It is a competitive game that requires skill for aiming. Constant practice makes your aiming perfect. At house parties, we often look for some games for making the moments more enjoyable. Game of dart is perfect for this purpose. Everyone wants to try his or her aiming skill. Thus, your guests at the party will surely be entertained. Another big advantage is that you have to invest a small amount of money for arranging this game. It does not also require the high amount of space.

In the following section, we shall find an unbiased and informative review on Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard.

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Key Features:

Basic Features

Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard can be introduced as Japanese electronic dartboard to buyers. Excellent built quality is the first notable thing about this product. This durable product allows users to enjoy the game of dart to the optimum level. It can even be used for the purpose of playing dart tournament. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity facility. It can be connected with Smartphone or smart television with ease.

Solo Gaming Facility

You can obviously enjoy the game of dart with your friends during house parties. To be the ace performer in those game challenges against friends, you need to practice well. To make your practice sessions more interesting, this product comes with solo gaming facility. You can connect it to your Smartphone device or SmartTV and then enjoy playing 9 different solo gaming modes. Different challenge levels are there so that you can control computer’s skills and performance. Ideally, you should start with easy modes and then you must gradually shift to more challenging or difficult modes.


Different kinds of games are there to be played. For example, you have Cricket gameplay option. In this case, you shall obtain four variants. Those variants are Standard, Cut Throat, Hidden Cut Throat, and Hidden. You can also switch between 3 legs, 5 legs and 7 legs gameplay variants. You can obviously play with human opponents. But, along with that, you can also play solo games with the computer opponent. The best thing is that with application upgrade you shall be given the option to add more games. Thus, there is provision for adding new types of gameplay options in order to get rid of boredom of playing the same old games.

Software or Application

The app can be downloaded by Android users from Google App Store. Once downloaded, you need to open it and follow a few simple instructions for syncing the application with the electronic dartboard. A few good things about this app have already been discussed. Besides gaming with the computer, you can play games against players all over the world. You can enjoy playing on video conferencing with your opponent if both of you have cams. Setting up this live video playing mode is simple. You just need to grant a few permissions to this app so that it can access your camera.

Installation Process

For setting up the board, you just have to find a suitable place in your room. You can easily hang it on the wall. You can also install it on the outdoor premise of your house as per your convenience. This is an electronic dartboard and thus it will be heavier in terms of weight than other dartboards. Users need to make sure that they mount it on the wall perfectly otherwise it could be damaged if fallen on the floor or ground. Though it is an electronic dartboard, it does not come with screen light. That means it should be placed strategically where visibility of board should not be a problem due to lack of light.

The Darts

When you order the product, you shall get both board and set of darts in the package. A set of soft tip darts will be there. They are good enough to start with the game of dart. But, quality of these darts is quite disappointing. As they have soft tips, they are vulnerable to easy damages. If you miss you aim and throw darts on the wall instead of the board, darts could easily be damaged. You can easily find compatible darts for this board easily at the marketplace. Manufacturer recommends using 18 grams dart for this purpose.

Bluetooth for Controlling Game Functions

Addition of Bluetooth is a smart feature of this product. This feature lets you control game functions in more interesting ways. You can have a constant look at your game through SmartTV which is connected via Bluetooth. For parties and online competitions, this is a great option.

Power Supply

For running, it needs two AA batteries. The device is cordless. Battery life is quite good and you shall definitely get long-lasting power supply. Batteries can be changed when required. You can use rechargeable batteries for cost-effectiveness. If you are an avid player, purchasing rechargeable batteries for this product is a good option.

Technical Features

Some major technical features of Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard have been highlighted below. You can have a quick look at them:

  • Target area: 2 inches deep and around 22 inches round.
  • Maximum number of players: Total 8 persons can play at a time.
  • Options for Games: 26 options are there.
  • Weight: 8.1 pounds.
  • Display: LED screen.
  • Battery: 2AA


  • Frequent updates are available for the app.
  • The app is compatible with iOS and Android.
  • Solo gaming modes available.
  • Excellent built quality.
  • Durability assured.
  • Easy to mount on wall.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Quality of darts is disappointing.
  • Overall appearance could be made better.
  • No inbuilt light for LED screen.

Final Verdict

Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard is an overall good product if you want to have the arrangement for the game of dart at your home. During your house party, guests would definitely love it. It comes with plenty of unique as well as advanced features. Cost is a bit high, but the availability of many features is a positive thing. There is no additional maintenance cost, except buying batteries for running this device.

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