Nodor Supawires 2 Bristle Dartboard Review

Nodor Supawires 2 Bristle Dartboard is one of the two most trusted names in dart boards. The board looks awesome, and darts stay pretty secure. I know it will be long lasting. But some of the things that I like and I do not like about this board are the wires.

nodor dartboard

I like the wires in terms of the way the wires have an edge to them, not rounded but what I can say I do not like about the wires is the thickness of these wires, and how much more it there is with them overlapping each other especially wrapping over the outer bulls ring. The staples make for much more metal surface area to bounce back at you instead of deflecting into the board. We also  ranked top best dart board of  2017 you can check the list.

It is well known that many boards have this type of wire, but they use a softer material and it can get dings in it when hit. Eventually it is not effective.

if you are a pro this can be curtailed but amateurs will still enjoy this dart board due to the way its wires have an edge which will help to prevent the much hated bounce-out over time.

Although, I observed that I have had an occasional bounce outs too, but it could be happen to the quality of some of the darts also.

The actual board Nodor Supawires 2 Bristle quality is nice, fiber density and surface finish, bright colors whose sections line up perfectly under the dividing wires and much more, all as good as the more expensive options. The board comes with mounting hardware.

It was easy to install after purchase, and works fine but the included mounting hardware could be beefed up a little bit. Although this board does not come with darts or a cabinet because I have read reviews of other boards where customers complained about not getting those, so I thought it is important to clarify that this board does not come with them .

My friends has an older version that is years old and still holding up.  Darts stick to a greater proportion. I debated for the different board options and got this one because the more expensive board is not easily affordable. This one, the nodor Supawires bristle has visible staples holding the wires that line the numbers in place.

Initially, the possibility of hitting a wire and getting plenty of bounce outs but contrary to very few bounce outs. I love it how easy to pull the darts out after throwing.

The darts used with bristle boards like Nodor Supawires 2 Bristle Dartboard should have a steel tip and a body made from brass or tungsten for a better performance because you already know by bow that it does not come with any dart. The darts are not to be toiled with inasmuch as they aren’t toys by any means.

While they may be a bit more dangerous, these darts provide an authentic playing experience. This regulation-sized dartboard is a great choice for any enthusiasts. [highlight] It is endorsed by the American Dart Organization for its superb quality [/highlight] . It has East African sisal fibers that are tightly woven to provide great healing. The center bull’s-eye is staple-free for clear aiming. It also has a removable number ring and easy mounting hardware to get the board up for playing in no time.

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The Supawire 2 is made from high end sisal fiber, and uniquely processed for class leading consistency and durability. For more serious players, a bristle dartboard like Nodor Supawires 2 Bristle Dartboard may be the way to go. This board has only gotten better with time.

It is made to give guys the opportunity to play with authentic darts. This board can add a level of sophistication and class to any indoor sport’s space. Not only that, but it keeps the entire experienced contained in one spot. Guys can easily close the cabinet to keep everything in one place.

It will still look great on the wall with the availability of wooden finish.The Nodor Supawire 2 bristle dart board is suitable for Tournaments.

This regulation size of 18″ diameter board offers great features such as a complete staple free Supabull bull II System for maximum scoring, 50% thinner multiple scoring zone wire for larger scoring area plus a movable number ring that prolongs the life of the board. The colors remain bright even after being hit many times .

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However, the bristles are always what makes or breaks the deal. Some boards have poor bristles and the darts start to fall out of the lesser quality boards. Not this board. It will still work fine after a million darts being shot at it. So, in my opinion, Nodor Supawire 2 bristle dartboard worth every penny.

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