Nodor SupaMatch Bristle Dartboard Review

This dartboard is one of the famous as well as demand able bristle boards in this world. Nodor Company basically made the tournament dartboard and it is the oldest firm which manufactures the best bristle board since 

Nodor SupaMatch 3 Bristle Dartboard

1932. This branded board is made in UK and contains lots of upgraded features which provide lots of scoring capability. This NodorSupa Match Bristle Dartboard is approved by the American Dart Organization.

Product Overview: Nodor Dartboard is famous for maintaining its quality since 1932. This one is the first choice of those players who participate in various dartboard tournaments. This board is specialist as a tournament dartboard which is made up of special quality sisal bristle dartboard. Nodor is the inventor of Supa match dartboard which prevents the bounces of dart and helps the player to score well.

Features of the Dartboard: As you know this Nodor Supa Match Bristle Dartboard is prepared for the world tournament and it is the world’s leading manufacturer. Along with that it has so many impressive features:

  • The regulation and size of this SupaMatch bristle board is 18 inch.
  • Also it has the razor ribbon spider looks wires which element the bounce outs.
  • As it has the staple free bull-eye area so its improve the scoring facility.
  • The Board is 1.5 inches thick so don’t worry about its durability. It is user friendly and looks is also impressive.
  • It has triple and half width double rings.
  • You can use it outdoor and indoor gaming purpose
  • It has a comfortable target area i.e. 13.5”, so you can fix your target without any interruption.
  • It decorated with the high grade sisal fibers.
  • Including the hanging kit you can receive that dartboard.
  • The special feature of this dartboard is, it is the best and oldest and reputed tournament dartboard manufacturer.

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General Looks of the Board: Nodor dartboards are not only specialist for its features, but also it has very clean and sharp looks, which attracts the players more than any other dartboards. The color of the board is just WOW, specially the black which is deep and looks like the Velvet. The best thing of this dartboard is the central wooden screw, it really works perfectly. Overall this one is the perfect for scoring and exploring.

Clips, Numbers and Logo: The bold design logo is clearly seen on the board that is given a dashing look. Anyone can easily notice that. Next impressive thing is the color of the numbers which is designed with the silver and a grey touch. It gives a matt and glamorous look. The clips are also stuck scientifically so that you can enjoy your playing.

Bull’s Area: The most noticeable thing is that portion. Whenever you buy a dartboard, the first thing you notice is that Bull’s Area. Nodor is specialized in this thing, so after examine you board, you will be fully satisfied as the bull is perfectly centered without any error or fault. Color combination is also good, that’s why you can easily see the Spider’s end.

Measurement : Having a dartboard is not a big deal but playing with the perfect tournament dartboard is indeed a big thing. Nodor’s dartboard is manufactured with the perfect measurement, the side thickness of the dartboard is 37.41mm, the bull’s are the green portion is 31.87mm, the main target orange portion is 12.53 mm,.

Durability of Nodor Supamatch board : To check its durability you should visit to a café, where you can see its quality of extreme durability. A café means where you can see various types of players visit and participate on the weekly tournament, kids are throwing the darts so hard but that board still shinning to attract more players. So, there are no questions on its durability.

Price : The board is newly launched with all the upgraded features so it may varies the price in different zone. But basically this board starts from 27 to 35 pounds.

Conclusion : This one is indeed the perfect board, the quality is impressive. Along with a strong durability, it is soft, quiet and contains so dashing colors. No bounce outs, and you can get it with reasonable price.

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