The Top 6 Best Dart Boards On A Budget

If you want to start playing darts, get yourself a high-quality dart board that’s affordable and won’t break the bank. Some boards are better than others, so finding one at a low price can mean the difference between continuing to play and giving up on the sport entirely. Nothing is more frustrating than darts that don’t stick or bounce off and fly everywhere else than into the board.

Of course, to pick the best option for your needs, you’ll want to understand what they’re made with and what they can do. To help you make an informed decision, here are six of the best budget-friendly options and detailed insights on each one.


The Best Dart Board For You In 2023

Start your dart collection off on the right foot with the DMI Sports Brittany Dartboard. This regulation-sized bristle board features self-healing sisal fibers to ensure your dartboard lasts for years, and a movable number ring allows you to shift the wear to different areas of the board if needed. Whether you want to play darts like the professionals or switch things up by challenging a friend to one of its many unique variations, the DMI Sports Brittany Recreational Bristle Dartboard has it all. It’s also the perfect starter set for anyone looking to get started in darts on a budget.

Whether you’re in a dart league, playing in a tournament, or just playing with friends in your basement, the EastPoint Sports Bristle Dartboard is perfect for sharpening your dart skills! This official size bristle dartboard is designed with tournament quality sisal fiber, providing a great, tacky texture and allowing darts to easily stick into the board, allowing them to self-heal. The Belmont also features a staple-free bullseye, reducing bounce-outs due to staples, and an outer steel number ring designed to last a lifetime of play. The best part is that the EastPoint Sports Bristle Dartboard can be installed in under 3 minutes, and players can begin playing right away!

Everything is included for you to throw the perfect shot and make a stylish addition to your game room with the Viper Dead-On Tournament Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Set. This regulation-sized dartboard features a triangular-shaped spider, reducing bounce-outs while providing maximum scoring area. The automatic electronic scorer brings the ease and convenience of a soft tip dart board to traditional steel tip games. It comes preloaded with 40 game modes and 655 options, including 8-player multiplayer.

The set includes This set of darts includes 22g steel tip darts that are designed for top-notch grip and have machined brass barrels to ensure aerodynamic flight. A high-tech laser throw line ensures that you are throwing from a regulation distance without the worry of adhesive marking up your walls. A high-density foam defender protects your walls from errant throws. This protection feature from the Viper Dead-On Tournament Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Set will ensure dart players, beginners and experts alike, years of enjoyment for years to come!

The Viper League Pro Dartboard features a new level of quality and design. Tighter, high-density staple-free sisal fibers are designed to keep your darts from flying off the dartboard, extending their life as well. The radial sector wire assists in landing your desired shots by sliding dart tips inward with their 360-degree sphere shape. With a full 360-degree radius for steel tip darts and soft tip steel tipped darts, this board is cross-platform for both types of dart play. A removable low-glare number ring extends the League Pro’s life by allowing a player to rotate the board, allowing other sections to heal. Being cross-platform for both steel and soft-tip darts keeps all your favorite darts in the game. The Viper League Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard has an overlay of three bold tones, making the dartboard four stunning colors in total. These are strategically placed to show the color of the sisal where it matters most, giving the dartboard a unique look that inspires gameplay.

The Trademark Games Double-Sided Dartboard is a fun way to spend time with family and friends at home. One side of the board is designed like a traditional dart board, while the other side has a simpler target design that makes it easy to score points. Both sides have a flocking coating to hide punctures from darts so that you can prolong the life of your game room, man cave, or pub. The kit comes with 6-17 gram steel-tipped darts that have two different flight designs for easy team play. It’s a great starter board for amateur players to use at home or an auxiliary set for league teams.

Get your game on with the Franklin Sports Grade A Dartboard. This awesome dartboard features a premium bristle dartboard with moveable numbers, six steel tip darts, and chalk, so you are ready to play right away. The Franklin Sports Professional Dartboard is also made with better materials and performance than other models, so it will last you longer and make your game more enjoyable. The darts that come with this set are high-quality as well, which means they’re easier to use and less likely to damage your wall when they bounce off of it. No matter what game you are playing, this dartboard will enhance your skills and provide hours of fun and entertaining play with family and friends.

To recap, to find the best dart board, we should look for one with a large number of features, high-quality materials, and good craftsmanship that makes it worth the cost. The six boards above will definitely fit the bill in this regard. All are great darts on a budget and can last for years to come. They’re also great entertainment pieces and make excellent gifts as well.