Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board Review – One of The FInest Dartboard In Market

Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board Review

Nowadays Dart is a very popular name in various part of the world. You migUnicorn-Eclipse-Pro-best-DartBoard-Reviewht have already in love with playing dart, otherwise, you must not have landed on this page. Dart is mainly found in local pubs and bars.

Most of the time the dart in those places are populated with enthusiastic people who are very much waiting in line to play dart. It is very hard to get a chance to play dart in that kind of situation. People will always be there waiting for their chance. Being in line for something is very hard to do because there are so many of the dart lovers there to take their shot. Some get frustrated and are eager to have a dartboard for themselves in their man cave. It is not always that men love to play dart but also women do love to play dart. If you are a lover of dart Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard is one of the best choices for you. You can enjoy the game with any of your friends or with the especial person. You will enjoy playing dart Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard.


Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard is a one of the most purchased dartboards. It is loved by dart players. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard has various features that are very important for improving the game. It has everything that a perfect dartboard should have. You will find many of the features outstanding and will love the end result that this perfect dartboard provides. Without taking a second let’s find out more about why it is one of the top dartboards of 2017 in the dartboard community.

Staple Free:

Whenever a dartboard is completely staple-free and it counts as a very big positive influence for the dartboard. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard has this great advantage. If you are playing dart for a bit of time you must have seen how without Staple-free construction increase the amount of dart bounce out which has a bad impact on the potential of a high score. So best quality dartboard always tries to be staple free. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard has the advantage of the perfect staple-free environment which do provide better high scoring potential. When you score big the enjoyment level increases as well. You will also find Staple-free bullseye thats make it best dartboard of 2017  list.

High-Quality Sisal:

Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard is very selective about their sisal fiber. It is because the better the sisal fiber is the best dartboard will be. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard is providing the best quality sisal. This sisal has the self-healing capacity. If your board does not have the capacity of healing itself, you will find new holes in the dartboard after throwing every dart. On the other hand, this healing power not only helps remove the mark after every dart removal but also help your dartboard to last very long time. It also lowers the dart bounce out. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard can hold dart better than the previous generation dartboard.

Perfect wiring system:

Spider wiring is one the most important features for dartboard which are not interlocked. Most of the times it decides the quality of the dartboard. It is a thinner compared to most of the dartboards wiring out there. The spider wiring is construed by high-tensile which make dartboard ultra-durable. Wiring of Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard is done that way to provide more scoring area. The thin spider wiring helps to guide the dart to the face of the scoring bed. It increases the potential of high scoring.

Color and Finishing:

Colors are very important part of any dartboard. You need to have a vivid color combination with your dartboard. Without vivid color, targeting will be very hard.  The best quality highly compressed sisal fiber help provides the best color for the board. After every dart throw, the color remains same which makes targeting fun for a long long time. With the color, Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard offers perfect finishing. The very elegant and strong wiring helps provide the perfect finishing to the board.

Easy Mounting:

Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard thinner compare to some other dartboard. It is not that much heavy as well.  You can easily mount it with next to no work. All the essential hardware is included with Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard. All you have to do is just use those things and hang on to the wall.


Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard is a very good choice for various reason. It is may be one of the best among all the dartboard with the same price range. It has almost everything that a perfect expensive dartboard should have. With all the features it is very good for your dart experience, it is worth hanging on your cave wall. Here are some of the pros which are too good to miss.

  • 100% staple-free contorted dartboard.
  • It also has a perfect staple-free bullseye.
  • Sophisticated yet perfect spider wiring which makes the dartboard very high score friendly.
  • Highly compressed sisal fiber which holds the dart better than previous dartboards.
  • Increased scoring area to improve scoring potential.
  • Self-healing dartboard.
  • Unicorn has a high-quality spider wiring design.
  • Championship quality dartboard.
  • Lower dart bounce out rate.
  • Vivid colors and top notch finishing.

These are some of the pros that come with Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard though these are not all. Play with it and found out more of the pros. You will enjoy this excellent dartboard.


Everything has at least one disadvantage. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard also have few of them. No dartboard is without available with a single disadvantage. Here are the cons for Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard.

  1. If you are a strong thrower you will find some Bopps.

There are few patchy areas on the board, though it is nothing major.

Unboxing of Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard:

[youtube youtubeurl=”bxjOtvPr51o” ][/youtube]



In a simple sentence, Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard is a very best dartboard to hang onto your man caves wall. I will gladly suggest this dartboard without any hesitation. With the great spider wiring and top notch finishing, this board is easily among the top 10 best dartboards of 2017. You will surely enjoy the soft feel of the dartboard and the experience will be perfect. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dartboard is a perfect dartboard for newbies and pros alike.

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