Viper Shot King Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

Viper shot king sisal/bristle dartboard is very much for who recently played this game and liked very much now find a suitable board for himself . If you are serious about this game You can check my others review .I guarantee you under $30 dartboard  in market. If you looking for good quality dart board with good budget check our best dart board 2019 list.

viper shot king sisal dartboard

It suits my recreational needs and let me quickly contribute to some of the issues others have raised concerning the effectiveness of this dartboard. Its self-healing can be said to be much better than old cheaper board but yes after hundreds of hits some holes are showing (its happen with good quality boards also).

The wire or spider is round and normal size. I have seen way fewer bounce out than with my friend’s old board and am fine with how it works. If you need to have next to none, pay twice as much and get the triangle wire board. In case you can’t read the numbers, you have to know that all the higher end boards are like this and you learn them very fast.

Being able to spin the board is great and well worth the lack of clarity. As for the hanging instructions, there are none but a quick internet search gave them to me, no big deal. So you may likely not find as much as expected except by going online. The board costs under USD 30$ dart board and it is good quality. They throw in two sets and what do you expect. Acceptable recreational darts start at USD 15 and competitive darts start at USD50. These darts are fine for when people who don’t have advanced knowledge in darts.

The dartboard is easy to setup and I started testing it out right afterwards. It is a social-friendly board which comes with a set of six darts, and capable of withstanding sometimes of playing. It does have occasional bounce-outs, but only when the darts hit the wire dividers just right. I would recommend that average players should hang the board on a piece of Homasote board, to catch the darts when you miss a target.


However, one of the problems with this board is that healing is quite slow and leaves marks all the time. Reason being that the sisal is not as good as it is expected to be for heavy playing. It shows lots of wear more than expected. I rotate the board 1 to 2 times a week and it still shows some sorts of wear. It is not ideal for a very tedious play by any measure. It only does the job if you are not all that an addicted player of darts or allowing more than four players to play often.

 In summary of this review, this is still a very good deal dartboard for under USD 30. If you want a dartboard that is good for your home indoor sports, you can go for this dartboard; it will definitely serve for a nuclear family.

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