Winmau Blade 4 Dual Core Dartboard Review

Winmau Blade 4 Dual Core Dartboard is made by Most trusted dartboard by Brand winmau. Undoubtedly their board is the best. They made best bristle dartboard  which create a revolutionary in dart industry  name is Winmau Blade 4 Bristle Dartboard. This one Winmau Blade 4 Dual Core Dartboard is not best dart board compare with blade 4 bristle.

Winmau Blade 4 Dual Core Dartboard is going to the drifting name in the world of dart boards. The feature of this Board which mostly Loved by many dart champion.

This Blade 4 Dual Core Dartboards have four main sections to be specific; the dual-core barrels, the poles, and flights.

The steel aspects are covered to enhance grasp. Supplied with the board are 3 plastic wheels with thread bolts. There is three points on the back of the board with threaded holes pre-inserted which the wheels screw into.

Winmau continues to dominate their position as number one innovator in the dart industry by creating the unique Rota-Lock System. The Blade 4 dual core dartboard is equipped with tipple wheel locators that allows the dartboard to be fitted. It also virtually any surface in matter of minutes for a secure fit and easy rotation.

Winmau Blade 4 Dual Core Dartboard is most advanced dartboard in the world come up with dual-core feature. Lower compression at the outer core reduces surface resistance and increases point penetration and higher compression at the inner core increases resistance below the surface, improving durability.

Winmau Blade 4 Dual Core Dartboard Feature :

The metal band around the board is nice and neat and has 2 areas where it is screwed I thought when I first placed the board up that I had missed the bracket because it went on so easy and I was unsure of whether to let go or not, but it was so easy to do and very secure.

  • The barrels are in different types of weights and are typically built from finest materials of metal, silver-nickel, or tungsten composite.
  • The poles are fabricated in different lengths and are produced using a mix of plastics, nylon polymers, and metals which make for its flexibility.
  • The basic role of the flight is to apply drag and in this way keep the back of the dartboard overwhelming the point. It likewise affects dependability by diminishing wobble.

 Winmau blade 4 dual core dartboard colors are very deep and vibrant but one problem I noticed which was a bit puzzling is that all the green segments are harder to penetrate than the black, red and natural parts?

Quite a strange one that so not sure what the reason is, I can only guess is that the green ink is a little different than the others but hopefully will soften up.

Winmau Blade 4 Dual Core Dartboard Performance :

  • The surface of the board is lovely and clear and as I said above virtually free from any roughness. This dartboard has the most slender wire so that the darts have less shot of hitting a wire and bobbing out.
  • The numbers demonstrating the different scoring segments of the board are additionally made of simple wire. The wire ring on which the numbers are welded can be swung to encourage even wear of the board.  
  • It includes both a razor blade in a small scale at the inward and external bull’s-eye to wipe out ricochet while giving a more noteworthy player surface and a higher scoring potential.

The Bull’s eye is nice and central which is always a good sign while the cutting edges redirect darts into scoring zones, and permit fewer bob outs for an increase in the level of scores and of course, fun. Here is fun to play dual core dart board.

It has a novel composite edging produced using thermodynamic plastics which takes into account simplicity of number, ring revolution and gives cutting edge look contrasted with any commonplace dartboard. This Blade 4 Dual Core Dartboards are intended for general indoor sports use.

After throwing a few darts, a close inspection on the board revealed only one slight blemish, that looked like a machine cut, probably the machine that cuts the sisal biscuits, but it was in the same area and not really worth pointing out but first I was curious to ascertain how good the surface could be.

Its soft layer helps to dissipate the energy of the dart while the denser under layer holds it in place and thus helps to prevent bounce outs. As I later gently pushed a dart into the board it has a nice soft sensation before it gets to about 7 or 8 mm in then you can feel more resistance and it feel like it is grabbing the dart point.

I think in a short time I have been throwing at it does what it sets out to do. But one thing I noticed is the holes seem to heal up very well, in most case I could just rub my finger over the holes and they disappeared!

The one thing I can’t really say at this point is the longevity of the board; however, the Rota – Lock system is simply brilliant! It is so easy to use, you just rotate the wheels clockwise to push them out and it levels the board and locks it in place.

A new form of hanging system should be introduced for this Dartboards as the old type seems outdated now. They have slightly changed the bracket and screw to mesh with the Rota – Lock . Its tried and tested and it works. I’m not complaining too much about that.