Winmau Blade 6 Standard vs Dual Core vs Triple-Core Carbon

When it comes to darts and boards, you’ve probably heard about the brand Winmau. They are the oldest and the most successful name in making dart equipment. Their Blade 4 and Blade 5 game boards have gained all the credibility and true value of being the bestseller.

Not all boards you get in the market are good, numerous brands manufacture dart boards, but they lack high-quality compressed bristles. Standing out from the rest is the newest lineup from ‘Winmau’.

Winmau has recently introduced a 6th generation professional dartboard series named Blade 6. These boards are known for their extensive performance, playability, and durability but nothing comes close to their Winmau Blade 6 dartboards. We are here to give you a clear picture of these stellar products.

Blade 6 Lineup Explained

Winmau being one of the top brands for dart game equipment never ceases to amaze us with their new inventions. Winmau introduced their newest addition the Blade 6 – a set of 3 dart boards launched recently – to give the players something more in terms of longevity and playability.

Winmau made sure to put in all the necessary upgrades to make the boards more functional than their predecessor inventions.

What makes the Blade 6 series so special? Let’s check out the new features they lined up for us.

Precise Wiring for Less Bounce Out

A game board is prone to darts bouncing out too often due to misplaced and low-graded wires. This is not the case in the Blade 6 series. Winmau made sure the wiring on all the boards are planted on the fiber with perfection.

It helps to reduce the impact pressure the darts put on the fiber, especially in the critical scoring areas like the outer bull area, bull’s eye, double and triple-zone, and such. Winmau boards have 60-degree ultra-thin spider wires embedded in them. It helps to lead the darts into scoring zones, eliminating the chances of bounce-outs.

Sisal Fiber Material

Most dartboards are made with cork, wood, paper, plastic, and others to suffice different needs. We believe the best material used by most professional board creators is Sisal fiber because of its self-sustaining properties.

All Winmau boards are tailormade with sisal and the Blade 6 is no exception. In fact, in the blade 6 lineup, the creators made sure they have stacked the optimum amount of sisal for a more uniform density so that the bounce-outs are curbed and the game boards last longer than ever.

Roto-Lock Mounting

A common issue with game boards is that they sometimes need to be taken off to rotate the wheel. All the Blade 6 dart boards have a roto-lock feature that allows you to rotate the board without any hassle. You don’t have to unearth the board to fix the wheel placement. 

There are wheel locks around the board edges to make sure the main body sits on the wall uniformly and won’t fall off under any circumstances. These wheel locks are adjustable and give you the upper hand to adjust the board even on uneven surfaces.


Winmau 6th generation blades have sleek-looking designs and striking colors. By striking, we mean it is pleasing to the eye, but nothing that distracts you for sure.

The black and white optical art is pretty simple and nothing too mind-boggling, unlike other boards. The red and green markings on the scoring circles like the double ring, triple ring, bull, and bull’s eye make the Winmau boards stand out.

Adding to it, all the boards have bull’s eye and 25 rings. What’s impressive is that on the Triple Carbon board, the number rings are grafted with laser-cut steel giving it a more stylish look. 

Comparison Table

ProductSurfaceComponents IncludedDesignMaterialsSuited for
Winmau Blade 6 StandardHighly visible surface

Rota-Lock fittingsSingle-core designMade with Sisal fiber

Winmau Blade 6 Dual CoreHi-visible surfaceRota-Lock fittingsDual-core design  Kenyan Sisal fiber and high-density coreBeginner-Intermediate
Winmau Blade 6 Triple-CoreExcellent graphics and visible surface

Rota-Lock fittingsTriple-core layers  Kenyan Sisal fiber, high density layer and Carbon fiberPro Players

 Now that have a brief idea regarding the lineup, let’s get into the reviews of the boards.

01. Winmau Blade 6 Standard Dartboard

Key Features

  • Maximum critical scoring area
  • Thinner bullseye ring (25% thinner)
  • Ultra-thin Hi-Carbon wiring system
  • Advanced heat treatment process for better deflection and durability
  • Profiled blade wires for reduced bounce-outs
  • Density control technology

Looking for a good starting dartboard? Don’t just get any random board from the market when you can acquire a competent unit like the Blade 6 standard. It is a dartboard best suited for beginners to hone their throwing hands and get the optimum return from the high-density dart wheel.

Although it is known as an entry-level product, within the Blade 6 lineup, it does include all the 6th gen positives. Starting with its single-core design. The single layer on it is rigid in comparison to the other two blade-6 boards. 

It doesn’t have the inner density layer cores to counter excessive forces, but it does have a sisal fiber layer on the top to catch the dart without the jittery effect. Single-core does have the drawbacks of not being dense enough for extra force, but why would you complain about a board made for beginners? 

The wiring on this board has not been overlooked. It has the same system fitted onto the body just like the updated ones (dual-core and triple-core) in the latter part of this article. The numbering inlays are similar to the older units from Winmau, but that should not be a concern. 

Installation of the standard unit is straightforward. There is this rota lock mounting system, to make it latch onto any type of wall. You can have it placed on a plain surface or use the locking wheels to hook onto uneven surfaces and start their darts in a flash.  

In terms of reliability, you can go for this standard dartboard without giving much thought because Winmau will not disappoint you when it comes to dartboard performance.

Keep in mind that you can always upgrade your gears as you improve your skills. The next two reviews will let you know about more intermediate and professional boards. 

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02.Winmau Blade 6 Dual Core Dartboard

Key Features

  • Comprises of two different cores (dual-core technology)
  • 25% thinner wires on the bullseye area
  • Sturdy body construction and scoring zones
  • Ultra-thin wiring for better impact protection
  • High-density control
  • Rota-Lock allows perfect fitting on any walls
  • Well defined, visible playing surface

The dual Core board from Winmau has two separate cores for better workability. What separates it from the standard version is that this one has an additional layer to it.

For example, the outer soft layer takes on the darts smoothly. Then the inner layer has a more dense material to absorb the shocks and vibrations of the pointy ends, offering marginal bounce-outs and optimum endurance.

It is a 6th generation board, meaning you get all the additional upgrades from the previous generation. For aspiring dart throwers, this board has to be a worthy pick. Simply throw the dart with your maximum throwing power, this board will embrace anything thrown at it at any power. 

The high-density wires are placed throughout the body to absorb excessive impacts and make the board stronger than before. It is not made of cork sheets or papers, so don’t worry about any kind of deterioration. Its angled wires and 25 % thinner body are what make the board an excellent choice. 

When you try to score more points, this board will assist you to achieve your goals. It is made for newbie dart throwers and intermediate-skilled people. For a more professional setup, you can try out the triple-core unit. 

The dual-core dartboard is on the softer side, but it does pack a punch like no other board within a similar price tag. The highly visible board with inlay scoring numbers and colorful body parts makes it an eye-catching game board.

This particular item is authorized by the WDF and is tournament worthy. If you are someone who wants to take their dart game to the next level, the Blade 6 Dual Core board can be your worthy companion. 

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03. Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core Carbon Dartboard

Key Features

  • Top-notch East African Sisal material for all environments
  • Crafted with WDF (World Dart Federation) specifications
  • 6th gen blade technology
  • Rota-Lock fittings
  • Premium density control

Winmau Blade 6 Triple Core is an upgrade to the Blade 6 standard and Dual-core design. It has added a layer of carbon on the surface to ensure the finest dart retention and durability.

Plus, the product has 60 degree angled wire edges to aid you with promising scores. This is a gameboard with 3 different cores on the surface, the first of its kind, adding to its flawlessness and consistent performance. 

What’s amusing is that the number rings are laser cut to precision and have anti-glare properties. Scoring on a dartboard has never been so easy and comfortable until the Triple Core dropped. 

The wiring on the triple-core is commendable. It comes with density control wires to ensure the superlative fiber density. What it does is, when you throw the dart, it embraces the pointy end without unnerving.

Moreover, the impact force from the dart on the double, triple, and bullseye scoring spots doesn’t negatively hamper the board because of its optimum density protection. You can apply maximum scoring power without having to worry about the board getting damaged.

The width of the bullseye has been reduced to 25% here, compared to its predecessors. This allows more precise dart throw and maximum scoring potential. The thin layers are made with the best quality components like sisal, carbon fiber, and others to withstand heavy impacts and last for ages.

Setting up the triple-core is very easy. Right out of the box, you can put it on any wall, no matter if the surface is plain or unlevelled. You can adjust to fit the board conveniently with its Spirit master leveling gadget. The wheel has a Roto-Lock option to latch onto the wall safely and securely. 

What are you waiting for? If you are looking for a dartboard with all the professional qualities and can be put up without any hurdles, go get hold of the Winmau Triple-Core Carbon.

It is one solid piece board with top-of-the-line dart holding capability and does not induce bounce backs like other branded boards you get in the market.

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Which Dartboard Should You Pick?

Winmau Dual Core Dartboard is a worthy gameboard for starters and even intermediate players. Place it in a pub, your garage, small tournament setting, or anywhere, this excellent board should be fine to deal with anything thrown at it.

Two separate cores go on to make this board so extremely useful. The first layer is hard, and the second layer is more dense, giving you a strong wheel with top-level dart retention capability.

Let us not forget about the wirings, numberings, hardened bullseye area, rota locking feature, and many other goods that make it a prime pick amongst all other dartboards.    

Best for Players

By players, we mean pro dart throwers. Someone who takes the dart game seriously should purchase the Winmau Triple-Core dartboard. It is one hell of a workhorse and is made of the finest of materials out there.

This has a carbon fiber reinforced sisal compound to take on heavy forces at will. Pro athletes have different techniques compared to a newbie. The triple-core board is there to match every need of an experienced player.

From its laser-cut anti-glaring inlays, high-density control wiring, top-grade fiber density, Rota-Lock fittings, you cannot go wrong with it. You are likely to find a triple-core board in a tournament for its outstanding usability.  

Value for Money

When you are looking for a board that comes at an affordable price but has the best features, there is nothing more worthy than the Winmau Blade 6 Standard. This is a gameboard that is made with a single core and is very sturdy.

Throwing darts on this board will not take an extra toll in terms of damage. It is made for withstanding impacts from pointy ends and offers minimal bounces because of the density control. The sisal compound materials, carbon wirings, rota lock fittings make the standard dartboard a good bargain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a triple-core board?

As the name suggests, triple-core boards will have three cores. For the Winmau 6 triple-core, there will be a high compression layer, a seamless playing surface, and carbon fiber reinforcements.

  • How long does a dartboard last?

Unless you are using board wrecker points, the boards will last more than six months.

  • How often should I rotate the board?

It will mostly depend on how frequently you are playing darts. If you are frequently practicing, rotate the board once every week.

  • Do dartboards heal?

Usually, the fibers that are on the dartboards will naturally heal when you remove the darts from the surface.

  • Can you soak a dartboard?

No! Liquids should not come in contact with the surface of the dartboard. So, if you soak a dartboard, you might damage it!


Winmau has been running the dart game for a long time. They are so popular that they even sponsor the biggest dart game tournaments. Winmau products have been widely used by beginners and professionals alike. 

The newest addition Blade 6 dartboards (Standard, Dual Core, and Triple Core) have been a crowd-pleaser, and therefore we decided to review these products and show their worth to you.

Give it a read, and pick the one that goes with your playing style. For no-nonsense dart players, the Winmau Blade 6 lineup is a match-winner.