Introducing the cutting-edge Winmau Blade 6 Triple-Core Carbon Dartboard

Have you seen a dart player who has never tried his hand on the finest dartboard but still managed to turn into a true professional? We bet your answer is a big fat NO. 

So, there’s not too much scope for you to end up being a pro without the right dartboard as well, right? But what if you get to try your hand on one of the finest dartboards out there? 

Well, count your wait over as today we’re going to tell you about one of the finest professional dartboards you can ask for. 

Yes, we’re talking about the Blade 6 Triple-Core Carbon Dartboard from Winmau. But what’s so special about this board? Well, that’s what you’re about to find that out in this review of ours. 

Winmau Blade 6 Triple-Core Carbon Dartboard Review

Once you hit the search button writing ‘the best dartboards,’ the one name you’re going to see there for sure is Winmau. Blade 6 Triple-Core Carbon Dartboard is nothing but another amazing addition to their arsenal that includes numerous features that will leave you impressed. 

Perfect Color and Graphics

A board with the right colors can simply make a game more enjoyable for the player, and that’s what this dartboard does, too, successfully. Taking the whole thing to a different level, the makers have brought some changes to the design that starts with color choice. 

They have kept it clean and smoother, this time with lucrative graphics. The surface initially looks palish compared to the earlier edition of the board. But still, it somehow kept the appeal up to the mark instead of lowering it.

Rather than sticking old classic red, the makers have tried orange as a perfect replacement. So, as the color ensures better visibility, it becomes easier for any player to hit the aim better.

And in case you want the old red color back, we’d say you better move to Blade 5 or Blade 5 dual rather than this one. 

Steel-Made Laser Cut Numbering

What will exceptionally draw the attention of any player is the numbering ring here. These steel-made laser-cut number ring has managed to give the board a stylish look. Plus, unlike the regular boards with wired numbers, this one helps keep the focus together. 

Triple Core Technology

Calling it the most impressive part of the whole dartboard won’t be wrong for sure. In this Triple-Core technology, the board is divided into three different layers, where the first one is the outer core. 

The Lower compression here is what takes down the surface resistance in the first place. And increased point penetration? Well, this part takes care of that too. 

When it comes to the inner core, it seems to be perfectly functional in taking in all the additional kinetic energy. Ultimately, what it leads toward is better and improved durability. 

To complete the Triple Core technology, the makers have added the final part; the Carbon Fibre reinforced layer on the base. By penetrating the sisal line, it takes the board to the ultimate level of durability. 

High-Quality Sisal Construction

When it comes to making dartboards, Winmau has always prioritized high-quality materials. They stuck to the same principle and used top-quality sisal from East Africa.

The best thing about this material is it’s got amazing self-healing capabilities. So, long dart-throwing sessions shouldn’t be a problem. 

On top of that, its remarkable ability to stretch strengthens it by making it immune to humidity. This is probably why most of the manufacturers are considering using sisal while making their own dartboards. 

Besides, this material is amazingly good at absorbing colors which makes it easy for the makers to color up the design as perfectly as per guidance. 

Rota Lock Leveling System

Fixing a dartboard on the wall has not always been the fun part of the game. But team Winmau has got rid of that problem long ago with their Rota-Lock Levelling System. 

So, like their earlier editions of the board, they haven’t forgotten to add it to this one as well, which has made fixing the board to the wall easier and quicker. 

Wire Technology 

Dealing with bounce-outs has been a pain in the neck for the dart players for years. But to fix the issue, the makers of this board have gone for the 60-degree angle blade wire. With this, the chances of losing important points have gone down as the probability of scoring higher rises.  

Reduced Bulls Eye Size

For dart players, the accuracy can only be improved by putting themselves into the right challenge. That’s what Winmau has done by reducing the width of the bullseye ring by 25%. 

Well, that’s not only for the inner one but the outer ring as well. On top of that, it maximizes surface usage. And yes, they’ve hardened Bullseye, too, which has added an extra feather to the durability of the board.


If you’ve already checked out the price of the other models of Winmau dartboards, the $129 price of this one might sound a bit high. But this one is totally worth it, for not one but tons of reasons. 

Along with having a stronger construction, the design itself ensures a great playtime experience. The orange color in the row of black, blue, and white keeps the eye from getting visually irritated. 

Besides, the easier setup system takes less time for the player to put the board on the wall for the next game. Due to being Anti-glare, the number rings also don’t cause any distraction to the player. 

And what to say about the thinner bullseye? After all, it helps in improving the skill of the player more than anything. So, if you’re planning to put your money on this, we don’t think that’s going to be a bad idea at all. 


  • Triple Core Technology that enhances the durability
  • High visibility sisal with great healing capability
  • Laser-cut steel made number ring with stylish look
  • Balanced usage of orange color for comfort to the eye
  • Rota-Lock system that supports instant mounting and set up


  • Price

Final Words

Every time Winmau came with a new dartboard, they had something surprising in their bag. Their Blade 6 Triple-Core Carbon Dartboard wasn’t any exception. 

Taking out the limitations of their earlier boards, this one came out just finer than expected. So, if you’re looking forward to owning one, that’s surely not going to be the reason for regret.