Although the Winmau (pronounced “win more”) name only came into existence in the mid-seventies, the company has been making dartboards since 1945. Originally known as H.A. Kicks, the company started out producing hand-painted elm dartboards, but then moved into the manufacturing of paper-coil dartboards.

The first Winmau bristle dartboards started to appear in the early sixties once rival dartboard manufacturer Nodor’s patent had expired. Winmau quickly gained a reputation for producing exceptional quality boards, and in a 1973, struck a groundbreaking deal with the newly formed British Darts Organization (BDO).

Winmau continues to be the BDO’s dartboard of choice to this day, and is used in all of their major tournaments. Winmau was taken over by Nodor in 2002, ending a long rivalry between the two companies and making the Nodor/Winmau group the largest supplier of darting equipment in the world.


Winmau dartboards are some of the best bristle dartboards available on the market today. They are all constructed from super-dense sisal fibers for improved life, and use high-tensile steel for divider wires.

Their current flagship model is the BDO-sanctioned Winmau Blade 5 dartboard. This professional-level dartboard features a staple-free, blade-like wiring system designed to minimize bounce-outs and maximize your scoring average. It also features an angled 25 ring for increased scoring, along with a staple-free bull. To top things off, the Winmau Blade III also features a white-coated number ring to reduce glare off the wires.

The Winmau blade 5 dual core is known as their advanced level dartboard. This board features angled wires to guide the dart into the dartboard, small wire fasteners to securely fix the wires and maximize scoring area , a staple-free bullseye, and an anti-glare number ring.

The Winmau Pro SFB is an entry level dartboard. This dartboard is built to the same standard of quality as Winmau’s other boards but features a more traditional round wire system. This Winmau dart board also features smaller than normal staples to increase the target area, a staple-free bull and the anti-glare number ring.

Rounding out Winmau’s main dartboard selection is the Winmau Ton Machine. This is the perfect board for beginners, featuring round wires and a staple-free bull.

In addition to Winmau’s main line of dartboards, they offer a number of other dartboards. Within their Specialist line, you will find the Champions Choice practice dartboard that features narrower doubles and triples to help promote accuracy, as well boards designed for more obscure traditional games like London 5’s, Ipswich 5’s, and Yorkshire. Winmau also produces promotional dartboards featuring corporate branding for many companies and organizations. On top of this, they market a licensed range of Budweiser dartboards and dart accessories.


Along with the stellar array of bristle dartboards, Winmau also produces a number of other top quality supplies. They offer a large range of Winmau darts in both steel and soft tips, and they are broken into three general categories: Professional, Advanced, and Entry Level. These darts cover a broad range from classic brass darts to tungsten alloys, and come in a variety of weights and shapes to help you find the perfect dart for your style of throwing. To complete their dart line, they offer the signature darts of the players they sponsor. Winmau also offers a diverse a range of flights and shafts to help you keep your darts in top shape.

They also produce a line of cabinets for dartboards, with chalkboards for scoring, as well a number of complete dartboard packages that feature everything you need to get started playing.